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Do uploaded receipts link to transactions from your bank

I have set a rule for all my suppliers transactions to go to cost of goods for resale . I have also started taking pictures of all my receipts to store them on quickbooks ... will the captured receipts link themselves up with the already categorized transactions or make that transaction again ? 

Kristine Mae

Do uploaded receipts link to transactions from your bank

I'll share with you how receipt forwarding feature works, Louis94.


If a credit/debit card number is added in the receipt, we'll check if the account is connected to QuickBooks Self-Employed. If it is, the receipt will match the transaction from your bank feeds. If we're unable to find one, then the receipt will go to the Need Action folder to avoid duplicate transactions.


If no credit/debit card number is added or the account is not connected to our program, we'll still try to match the receipt against existing transactions. If we find a match, we attach it to the transaction. If we find none, then we create a new one. 


I'll share the article about receipt forwarding feature for more details. 


Get back to me if you have more questions about this feature. I'm here to help you out. 

Level 1

Do uploaded receipts link to transactions from your bank

All of the receipts i have added only has the last 4 digits of the card number on but none of them has paired up with my transactions at all so i have had to manually go back through them and exclude all the receipts ive captured as it completely messed my figures up

QuickBooks Team

Do uploaded receipts link to transactions from your bank

Hello, @Louis94.


The receipts should match the transactions entered in QuickBooks as long as there details are the same. For now, I encourage checking the accounts used for the transactions and receipts, as well as the amounts entered. These could be the reasons why they don't match.


For additional reference about this feature, I suggest checking the article added by Kristine Mae above.


As always, read our help articles in case you need tips and related links in the future.


You can always leave a comment below if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help however I can. Have a good day!

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