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How do I raise an invoice to claim VAT back?

QuickBooks Team

How do I raise an invoice to claim VAT back?

Hi, yzalzala.


I'll show you how to raise an invoice and claim your VAT.


To reclaim Vat on items you buy for your business by filing a VAT return. We'll want to ensure everything is accurate before filing. I'd be glad to guide you on how:


  1. Go to the Taxes menu and select VAT. Verify which return is due this month, then choose Prepare return.
  2. Review your VAT. Ensure everything is correct. 
  3. Take note of your total sales and purchases, the VAT you owe or can reclaim, and the adjustment amount (if you added one). You'll need these numbers later when you fill out your VAT return form.
  4. Once updating the returns details, select Mark as filed or Submit to HMRC.
  5. Click Continue.


You can also run your VAT liability report if you need to look further at what you owe. This can help you double-check your taxable and nontaxable invoices.


Then, we can e-file your return through MTD using functional compatible software that can connect directly to HMRC. Here's how:


  1. Set up MTD for VAT in QuickBooks Online and connect to HMRC. You might have to sign up for MTD before this if you haven't already.
  2. Fill out your VAT return form. Refer to the total sales and purchases, the amount of VAT you owe, or you can reclaim, you took note of in Step 1.
  3. File your VAT return.


When you're done filing, record your tax payment manually so your VAT payable shows zero. You can refer to Step 3 in this article for the detailed step-by-step process: File your VAT return and record tax payments in QuickBooks Online.


Once you're all set, check your return's filing status by checking out this link: HMRC website.


If you have more questions about taxes or VAT or something else you'd like to raise, feel free to reply below. I'd be glad to lend a helping hand. Take care always!

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How do I raise an invoice to claim VAT back?

Hi @yzalzala-hotmail 


Raising an invoice & claiming VAT back are two entirely different things.

Both are pretty basic but if you give more information on what you're trying to do (or what you think you're trying to achieve) you will get a more accurate answer.



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