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How to delete unused expense receipts

I have a lot of old expense receipts in the allocation list which I don’t need. It doesn’t seem to give a delete option? Is there a way these can be removed please? Thanks

How to delete unused expense receipts

Hi Learning294,


Are you referring to bank transactions? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the allocation list page and an attempt to delete a receipt? Thank you in advance.

Level 1

How to delete unused expense receipts


I’ll get a screenshot tomorrow but it’s the expense listing page when you click to add receipt it shows a list of unallocated receipts to choose from but the only option on the appears to be preview and i I can’t see how to delete?


QuickBooks Team

How to delete unused expense receipts

Thank you for providing an update, @Learning294


If you're referring to deleting receipts from your bank transactions, I'll show you how:


  1. Go to Bookkeeping.
  2. Select Transactions, then choose Receipts.
  3. Select those unallocated receipts you'll want to delete.
  4. Then, click the Batch actions dropdown.
  5. Tick Confirm delete.


If that's not the case, would you mind attaching a screenshot to this post once you already have it? This way, I can provide you with the best resolution to how to delete unallocated receipts from the expense listing page.


In the meantime, you can check out this article for more information on uploading receipts in QuickBooks Online: Upload your receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


I'll be around for further assistance, and I'd appreciate any details you can provide. I'm looking forward to your reply. Have a great rest of the day.

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