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importing journals into QB Online

Hi - I'm trying to import a journal with classes. I have the format of the csv file correct but when I get to the import stage in QBO it only shows some import headers even though they are in the csv file. It doesn't show a header for classes even though this header is in the csv file. Where am I going wrong?

QuickBooks Team

importing journals into QB Online

Hello John, We just need to confirm a few things. That you have classes turned on in Quickbooks, have you formatted the columns at all in the CSV? Are there any extra unneeded columns in the CSV? Can you try formatting the column that does not show, making sure it's named the same and that any extra columns are removed? Let us know if that works for you. If not we can investigate what's happening.

Level 1

importing journals into QB Online

Hi Emma - Yes classes is turned on. I haven't formatted any columns in the csv file. Some columns are not used eg name and location but they are still in the csv file. I've tried the import with the test drive version of QBO and it sees all the csv headers so I don't understand why I can't see the headers in my version of QBO



QuickBooks Team

importing journals into QB Online

Thank you for following up, John290.


I'd like to help and share what I know about importing journal entries in QuickBooks Online.


To ensure a smooth import, you might wanna to turn off account numbers before you begin importing journal entries. You can easily turn it back on once you successfully import those entries.


Make sure everything is correct in your spreadsheet before you begin importing journal entries. Also, If your spreadsheet has new accounts, be sure to add them first on your chart of accounts.


Below are following information (at least) that must be included in the file:


  • Journal No
  • Journal Date
  • Journal Code
  • Account Name
  • Journal
  • Debits
  • Credits
  • Select date format


Once you've make sure everything is in place, you can start importing your journal entries.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear ⚙️ icon, then choose Import Data.
  2. Tap on Journal Entries.
  3. On the Download page, click BrowseNote.
  4. Find and select your CSV or Excel file. Select Open, then Next.
  5. Map your information. Your Field represents the headers on your spreadsheet. From each small arrow ▼ icon, select the one that matches a field in QuickBooks Online.
  6. Click on Next. If there’s an error, edit the file and try again.
  7. Hit Start import.
  8. Select Done.


You can also go back to the Download page to select Download a sample file if you need help formatting your journal entries.


After that, you can check and edit the journal entries using the search function: How to search for transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Just let me know if you still have other questions about journal entries. I'll be happy to help. Have nice week!

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