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QBSE Transactions not syncing

Is there a way to refresh the connection to my bank in QBSE?  Nothing has synced since 1st April?

QuickBooks Team

QBSE Transactions not syncing

Hello there, JMcK1.


I'd be glad to help you refresh the connection between your bank and QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).


If you've linked your bank account through Open Banking, it's important to keep your bank connection up to date by occasionally refreshing it. This is because the Open Banking standard requires you to reconfirm your consent every 90 days.


Here's how to do it on a web browser:


  1. On the left navigation panel, go to Transactions.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to Add transaction.
  3. Press Manage accounts.
  4. Locate the name of the bank you need to re-authenticate. Then, click Authenticate account.
  5. Follow the steps to reauthenticate the account.


After successfully reauthenticating your account, you can seamlessly resume utilizing all your online banking features just like before.


For more information on refreshing your connection to your bank, refer to this article: How to re-consent your bank feed connection in QuickBooks Self-Employed. It also contains steps to do it using the QBSE mobile app.


I'll also leave this article if you ever need to relink your bank account to QBSE: Reconnect your bank account in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Once you've refreshed the connection, here's a guide on reviewing your transactions to ensure they're under the correct categories: Categorise transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Please feel free to keep me updated if you have any other banking concerns. I'm here to assist you at all times!

Level 1

QBSE Transactions not syncing

I've only had QBSE for a month. I've followed your instructions but the account is showing as active and it says I don't need to reconfirm consent until 4 June.  But neither the app nor the website is updating transactions since 1 April ??

QuickBooks Team

QBSE Transactions not syncing

I appreciate your prompt response and efforts to follow the solution of my colleague, JM. 


I'll share some further details to help you sync your bank transactions. 


In QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE), accounts connected to online banking will require some consent reconfirmation every 90 days. Since you have recently subscribed to the product, we can manually update your bank to check for your most recent bank data. 


Let me show you how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon. 
  2. Select Manage account.
  3. Click the Refresh all radio button multiple times to update your banks. 


Also, your bank may be performing some system maintenance, or it can be the notifications that need your attention. In this case, I recommend logging into your bank website or contacting their Technical Support Team.


In the meantime, we can manually import your bank transactions using a CSV file


Afterward, we can categorise the transactions you download from your financial institution. Lastly, we can automatically classify your recurring transactions by creating bank rules, which is handy if you have regular transactions with the same customers or suppliers. Plus, you can even apply this to past transactions. 


I'm still ready to assist with any bank-related queries. Take care always!

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