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Transferring from Wave to Quickbooks



I've been dilly-dallying over this and need some advice, please. I have managed to export my Wave data as a csv file - however this is an all transaction list (including double entries for credits/debits etc). 


I can see that if you have tidy lists of invoices or your charts of accounts, these can be swifty imported using Quickbooks itself, but that isn't the data that I have managed to pull out (I don't need Customer lists or Vendors etc - they are very few) 


So - do I try and import my data, or is there a better way of just moving everything over to Quickbooks? 




Thanks Smiley Happy


Transferring from Wave to Quickbooks

Hello, @sammisixx.


Let me share with you the transactions that can be imported in QuickBooks Online. 


These are the following: 


For other transactions that unable to import into Quickbooks, I'd suggest communicating with the Wave support. This way, they can guide with the whole process on how to import debit or credits transactions into QBO. Also, provide the simplest way of importing data. 


Please browse through this article about how to resolve issues when importing data to QBO: Common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if you have other concerns by replying to this thread. I'm here to help. Take care!

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Transferring from Wave to Quickbooks


You may have 2 options:

1. Utilize an importer tool


2. Purchase a 3rd party conversion service.

Check our profile name and send your business email address in a private message to us.


Some of Wave data may not converted:

* Budgets
* Track Inventory
* Description
* Classes
* Items
* QTY and sales price
* Fixed Asset
* Expense Claims
* Memorized Transactions
* Payment Terms
* Custom VAT Rates
* Invoice Templates
* Time Sheets
* Repeating Invoices after the "Convert To" date
* Deleted/Void Transactions
* Allocation of Invoices or Bills against credit notes
* Transaction lines with Nil Values
* Attachments
* Unreconciled Entry



* Chart of Accounts - Sub Accounts in Access Dimension are may be converted as Independent Accounts in QBO
* Chart of Accounts - Inactive Accounts, if used in Access Dimension in the conversion period may be turned as Active Accounts in QBO
* Open Receivable and Payable Invoices may be contain only single line showing the unpaid balance of Invoice in QBO
* Multiple Accounts Receivables in Access Dimension may be merged in single Account Receivable in QBO
* Multiple Accounts Payables in Access Dimension may be merged in single Account Payable in QBO
* Multiple VAT Accounts in Access Dimension may be merged in single VAT Account in QBO
* Custom Sales Tax Rates may be converted into standard Sales Tax Rate with "Tax Adjustment" entry as separate line item in QBO
* Inter Bank Transfers may be converted through a Clearing Account in QBO
* Clearing Account may be used in QBO for transactions where Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable are passed as Journal Entry in Access Dimension
* Transactions without any contact / payee name in Access Dimension may be transferred as "No Name" contact in QBO
* System Accounts like Retained Earnings, Sales Tax Account, Realized Currency Gains may be used in QBO for their counterpart accounts in Access Dimension
* Rounding can be different in QBO and Access Dimension because of the data precision techniques used in both software’s

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