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Receipt snap issue

When I snap a receipt and post it as an expense on the QB iOS app, I only have “default card” to choose as the method of payment. This results in the bank credit being posted to an account that is not my bank account. I have my 2 Wise accounts linked to QB so how do I ensure these accounts show as an option for payment in the app?

Receipt snap issue

Hello there, @martin61.


I'd like to help you figure out why a snap receipt is trying to post to a default card.


For now, let's clear the app's cache by following the steps below.


  1. From your device's Settings, select Setting General iPhone Storage.
  2. Choose an app that's taking up a lot of space. 
  3. To free up the storage without deleting the documents and data for the app, select Offload App.


If the same thing happens, you'll want to uninstall and update your device first if needed and then reinstall the app to refresh the system. 


Alternatively, I'd suggest accessing your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account in a web browser. From there, post the receipt to the correct existing account.


Supported web browsers:


  • Google Chrome: version 78 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 76 or newer Note: To preview and print forms on Mac OS, you'll also need the Firefox PDF plugin.
  • Microsoft Edge: version 75 or newer
  • Safari: version 12 or newer (Mac only)


To learn the availability of the mobile app features and about uploading receipts/bills in QuickBooks:



Please let me know how these details work for you. Take care and have a good one, martin6.

Level 1

Receipt snap issue

Thanks but this didn’t work. Same issue arises. 


I also don’t want to have to go to the web to repost every expense I create from the app. That defeats the purpose of the app. 

The app itself recognises my bank accounts, it’s just the receipt snap functionality where they don’t appear. 

QuickBooks Team

Receipt snap issue

Hi, martin61.


The receipt snap feature allows you to categorize and track uploaded expense receipts and bills in QuickBooks Online (QBO). However, only the primary and company admin have access to this feature. You can use it through  iOS and Android to capture and upload receipt and bills from your phone. I'd suggest accessing your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account in a web browser. From there, post the receipt to the correct existing account.


Just to verify if your selecting the payment account through for review tab or create the expense manually? You can attached screenshots here. 


Check out these articles for more details about how this feature works:


Let me know if you have further questions about the receipt snap feature. I'll get back to you as soon as I can with more details. Have a great day!

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