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ZETTLE discrepancy

Can someone PLEASE, once and for all, explain how to cope with the discrepancy between the invoice amount, and the amount received from Zettle once they have taken their fee.


e.g. my invoice is for £20. I receive £18.90 or whatever from Zettle. The amounts don't match. 


How should this be managed? And does it REALLY have to be manual?! Surely there are shops out there using zettle all day every day I can't imagine they are manually reconciling every transaction individually. 


Please help! 


ZETTLE discrepancy

I have a way to resolve the discrepancy, @girlfromkent. Happy to share with you the detailed steps to finish your task as early as possible. 


If you want to match the invoice payment directly to Banking, I'd recommend clicking the Find match button and entering the adjustment to resolve the difference.


 Go as follows: 


  1. On the Banking page, find an item with an amount that doesn’t match the transaction you entered for it.
  2. Select the item, and once the row expands, click Find Match.
  3. In the MatchTtransactions page, select the transaction to match. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the table and click Resolve difference on the right
  5. Complete the fields in the table to add the adjustment.
  6. Hit Save when you’re through.


If you like through bank deposit, ensure to use Unideposited Funds when receiving the funds. Follow the steps below: 


  1. Go to the New menu and choose Received payment.
  2. In the Undeposited to drop-down, pick Undeposited Funds
  3. Complete the necessary fields and select the invoice. 
  4. Click Save and close.  


After that, deposit the funds. Ensure to enter the fee amount as negative. Once done, match the bank deposit to the bank transactions. 

Complete the steps below: 


  1. Go to the New menu and select Bank deposit
  2. Pick the appropriate Account in the drop-down. 
  3. Check the payment in the list and enter the fee amount as negative in the Add funds to this deposit section. 
  4. Click Save and close
  5. Match the bank deposit to the bank transaction in the For review


I’ve also added these articles on how to reconcile transactions and fix banking errors :



I'm just a post-away if you still need my help handling your transactions. Stay safe!

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ZETTLE discrepancy

Thank you for the reply, but I don't understand why this is not automated. 


Are you seriously telling me that I have to do this for EVERY CARD TRANSACTION?


Has anyone else found a way around this? Or another platform that handles this better?

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ZETTLE discrepancy

Also you say "Complete the fields in the table to add the adjustment." but what does this mean?

What do I put?

QuickBooks Team

ZETTLE discrepancy

Let me help and point you in the right direction on how to resolve your concern, girlfromkent.


I understand how important it is for your business to have the online program enter the adjustment automatically. This saves time and allows you to settle the difference quickly. However, this feature is currently unavailable. You still have to manually input the adjusting details in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You can use the Find Match feature to access the Match transactions page and then enter the adjusting information from there. Regarding the information to enter in the Add resolving transaction fields, I recommend consulting with an accountant. They can help you determine the specific account to use, as well as the tax information, amount, and payee.


Check out the following article for more information on classifying and matching downloaded entries: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. It includes instructions on how to split transactions between multiple accounts, and exclude personal or duplicate transactions.

You can also save the banking guide for future reference. It covers topics such as reconciling an account, making deposits, and troubleshooting online banking errors, to name a few.

If you have any additional questions about resolving discrepancies in your transactions or any other QuickBooks-related issues, let me know in the comment section below. I'd be delighted to assist you. Have a good one. 

Lashes 96
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ZETTLE discrepancy

Hi I'm having the same issues, did you manage a work around?


QuickBooks Team

ZETTLE discrepancy

Hi there, @Lashes 96.


As mentioned by my colleague @MichelleB, you can match the invoice payment directly to Banking by clicking Find match button and entering the adjustment to resolve the difference.


Also, to further assist you with this, I recommend reaching out to your accountant. This is to ensure that your account for your transactions is accurate and to avoid messing up your books. If you're not affiliated with one, feel free to use our Find an Accountant tool to look for one near you.  


Once everything is set, you can now reconcile your account.


In case you want to have a list of all payments and invoices for each of your customers, you may pull up the Invoices and Received Payments Report. Then, customise it so it will only show the data you need.  


Feel free to get back here if you need further assistance recording payments and reconciling your account. I'm always around to help. Have a good one. 

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