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Can anyone help with setting up annual accounting for vat?

The first period is 25/11/2019 to 29/02/2020. So not a full year but this is the dates per hmrc. I have tried putting in a start date 1 March but this then starts the year 1 March 2020. I have registered for MTD but have not been able to connect , keep getting warning take action. Is there smewhere in settings to put the gov gateway details?

Can anyone help with setting up annual accounting for vat?

Hello there, @ian20.


I'm here to guide you on how you can update your VAT annual accounting. This way, you'll be able to file the right period dates according to HMRC.


In your VAT settings, there are four Accounting periods that you can choose from. You can select to submit your returns to "Yearly". This way, you'll be able to manually edit the Start and End dates to 25/11/2019 to 29/02/2020 once you prepare your returns.

  1. Go to the Taxes menu.
  2. Locate the return you want to file, then click Prepare return under the Action column.
  3. Set the Start and End dates to 25/11/2019 to 29/02/2020.
  4. Check the payment amounts.
  5. Select Mark as filed.


Please take note that once you've already filed your returns to HMRC, the option to change the Start date isn't an option. With this, I'd recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Support Team. They can help modify your returns with their correct filing dates.


Once you have filed through the gateway, go to Mark your VAT as filed in QuickBooks to close the period. To learn more about how you can submit your VAT return in QuickBooks, you can refer to this article for the detailed information: Submit a VAT return in QuickBooks Online. It also contains a VAT report hyperlink that guides you on how to find them.


Please let me know if you have other concerns. I'm just around to help.


Can anyone help with setting up annual accounting for vat?

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in and add to this thread following on from the post above. When you do connect MTD, HMRC will feed QuickBooks the VAT periods (sometimes called obligations) so you will not need to manually enter them in QuickBooks. Any questions at all on this let us know..

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