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Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT


I am just starting to use QBO and I am trying to connect to MTD for VAT. Previously we have filed VAT returns via the online MTD service using bridging software and Excel spreadsheets and therefore we are successfully registered for MTD for VAT. This bridging software still connects to HMRC successfully.

I have setup the connection within QBO, this appears to connect and shows two old returns from 2021 although the amounts are all zero and the latest of the two has a status of "Take action" and tooltip "Something is up, Check the error above for more info", the error shown is "We can't connect to HMRC right now". Further the VAT MTD enabled logo is displayed on the top left of the page?

This has been the situation for the last few weeks, I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting, however this has not resolved the issue. What is my way forward?, I've attached an image of current situation





QuickBooks Team

Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT

Hello there, @ChrisRi. 


I'm here to share some troubleshooting steps. So you can send your VAT forms successfully to HMRC on time and keep your account up to date.


The error We can't connect to HMRC right now would usually show up if: 


  • The user ID and password are incorrect.
  • Incorrect VAT registration number entered in the VAT settings
  • The current VAT return period has not ended yet.

Once confirmed and still no success, I'd recommend disconnecting and re-connecting to eliminate the error. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon, then choose Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Advanced button and choose Making Tax Digital for your Clients.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction on how to disconnect and re-connect.

I've added this article on how to fix MTD issues and errors:  Fix MTD issues and errors in QuickBooks Online


Let me also share these articles about MTD and tracking VAT for more aspects:


I've got your back if you have some follow-up questions about managing your VAT in QuickBooks. Have a good one.

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Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT

Thanks Abegail,


I've followed your steps including disconnecting and reconnecting and the problem remains.


When I disconnect and reconnect and go through authoring quickbooks with my VAT account, all appears to go well and I receive a success confirmation, however within a matter of seconds QBO then gives an unable to connect message. Given all of this I can still connect to MTD VAT using the bridge software which we have used since using MTD has been required, so the problem is specific to Quickbooks online. If I follow the link during MTD disconnection to de-authorise quickbooks with HMRC, I can see the Intuit authrorisation is still in force since the 25th October. Are there any logs which will show details of why the error is occurring? or any other steps I can take to get connected from QBO?




QuickBooks Team

Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT

Hello ChrisRi, thanks for coming back to us and for trying those steps. Please can you call the support line on 0808 234 5337 the line is open mon to fri 8am to 7pm or our chat support so we can get some information off you so we can check in the system to see why you keep on getting that message come up thanks. 

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Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT



I followed your instructions to disconnect and reconnect to HMRC MTD, but the error message is still same as before. 


Anything else, I should do.


many thanks 




Unable to successfully connect MTD VAT

I can share some information that can help you with resolving the error you're having with Making Tax Digital (MTD) in QuickBooks Online, @Moonraker


Can you tell me more about the error you've encountered? That will help me resolve the error you're having with your Making Tax Digital (MTD) in QuickBooks Online (QBO). That will help me resolve the error you're having. 


Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can try to resolve the error you're having:


  • Check the email confirmation that you've received from HMRC to confirm that your connection has been successful.
  • Make sure that the VAT number matches HMRC's record.
  • Using only the official MTD credentials provided by HMRC via email. 
  • Setting up MTD and authorising QuickBooks to connect to HMRC.
  • Updating your VAT accounting period from your Taxes page.


For detailed guidance with resolving the error you're having, check out this article: Fix MTD issues and errors in QuickBooks Online


Here's how you can create VAT exceptions and reports in QuickBooks Online to make changes to transactions that you have already been filed in a VAT return within QBO. 


Let me know if you need further help with your MTD in QBO. I'm always glad to help in any way I can. Have a great rest of the day!

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