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Updating Standard Bank - not working

Good day, for the last 20 days I have not been able to get live bank updates from Standard Bank. Has anyone else had issues? I have requested help from Quickbooks, but they don't have an answer. I have done the usual, clear history, reset the signin info, but nothing. Has Quickbooks made contact with Standard Bank in South Africa to check if their programming is correct?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi Wendy, Let’s check out why your Standard Bank isn’t do...

Hi Wendy,

Let’s check out why your Standard Bank isn’t downloading updates.

Is there an error message or code when you click the Update button on the Banking page? This will help me check if there is an investigation with Standard Bank’s connection to QuickBooks in your country.

In the meantime, you can download your transactions in using a Web Connect file, and upload them to QuickBooks. I’m sharing with you the article with detailed steps in downloading and uploading your transactions. Please check this out:

You can always get in touch with us again if you have other questions. We’ll be around to help.