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Payroll Software for Accountants and Bookkeepers

We’ll do the maths

Use automations within Quickbooks Payroll powered
 by Employment Hero, to create pay runs, calculate super, leave, termination payments and more. Paying employees becomes the easiest part of your job.

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What can be automated?

Payroll and Super

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Award interpretations

Timesheets and pay slip distributions

Leave requests and termination calculations

Split earnings by location


Overview of automations

Payroll and super calculations

Leave the maths to us! Set the rules based on your awards or agreement and we’ll connect it with timesheet data to automatically calculate tax, super and more.

a weekly pay run chart.

Automated award calculation

Why spend your days searching through constantly changing Fair Work award rates? Quickbooks Advanced Payroll has modern awards built-in, so you know you’re staying compliant.

the automated award options

Automated timesheets and pay slip distribution

Let employees know their payslips are ready to view via push notification or email. They can access payslips from the Swag app. Managers can create, amend and approve timesheets directly in Swag and data is calculated and fed into the pay run automatically.

Automated timesheets and pay slip distribution

Leave requests and termination calculations

Do you have a combination of staff all on one payrun? With Payroll automations you can accommodate different leave entitlement scenarios with ease. Accrual entitlements need only be set up once and the automation will do the rest for you. We automatically process all leave types to be paid out and calculate the PAYG according to the ATO specifications.

 the leave request page.

Split earnings by location

If you have clients who need to split employee earnings across various locations or cost centres then you can save time by automating the distribution of earnings, no manual calculations required.

the split earnings by location page.


At the end of a pay run, choose specific dates and times to automate reports and journals for compiling and sending out to chosen staff or clients, or for uploading to your accounting software.

An image showing the report section of the payroll dashboard.

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Payroll software for Accountants & Bookkeepers

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