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How to keep up with industry trends

As an accountant, it’s important to keep up-to-date with industry and technology trends. Thanks to the digital age, change is happening all the time. While it may not directly impact you and your workload right now, it’s inevitable that over time, technology trends will continue to transform the accounting industry. Here are five ways to keep up with industry trends.

1. Attend conferences and events

Keep your finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in the world of accounting by regularly attending conferences and events. There are so many events right across the country that focus on accounting, technology and finance industries. Hear from big name speakers and leading industry experts who can offer a forward look into the future of accounting and demonstrate new technology. QuickBooks Get Connected is an incredible annual event that offers accountants a wealth of industry knowledge.

2. Follow industry leaders

Find out who the industry leaders are in your field of work and also related fields, such as finance and technology, and follow their progress. Listen to their podcasts, follow their updates and articles on LinkedIn or join them on social media. Making connections in your industry is a great way to not only grow your influence and your network, but it will keep you abreast of any changes within the world of accounting.

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3. Join webinars and online training

Be proactive and join webinars to ensure you are up-to-date with all your training. Online education is a great way to upskill without having to leave the office. QuickBooks regularly hosts webinars (join our monthly Pro Power Hour) that are designed to show the ins and outs of cloud accounting software, but you can also join webinars that cover topics such as reporting, tax, superannuation and legislative changes.

4. Sign up to newsletters

Use your work email address to sign up for industry newsletters and emails. Set aside 10 minutes before you start your work day to have a quick read about what is happening in the industry. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with industry news without having to leave your work desk. The Australian Taxation Office regularly sends out an email that is filled with news and resources relevant for accountants, while Accountants Daily can also be a great source of news.

5. Be willing to change

It can be one thing to keep up with industry trends, but another to actually upskill and start implementing change. The accounting and finance industries are constantly moving and accountants need to stay agile and be willing to improve and adjust how they work. The introduction of cloud accounting is just one example of change that has altered both the way small businesses operate and their relationships with accountants. Those willing to adopt technology early and become experts in their field can provide real value to their clients long term.

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