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Intuit QuickBooks celebrates its first Small Business Big Impact Day

On 15 February 2023, 10,000 Intuit employees across 17 sites around the world came together as a team to kick off our first ever Small Business Big Impact Day. High on the agenda was a number of initiatives to support small businesses in the communities where we live and work.

Intuit QuickBooks has identified local nonprofits to support, and globally purchased $1 million worth of products from local small businesses to support their greatest needs. 

In Australia, we dedicated the day to strengthen our local communities and demonstrate our Intuit Values of ‘We Care & Give Back’ and ‘Customer Obsession’. To celebrate, we partnered with Fairfield High School.

“70% of our 1100 students come from a refugee background – out of which 50% have had less than 5 years of formal schooling by the time they reach high school,” said Fairfield High School Principal Charles Borg. 

“Many of our students have horrendous stories to tell about their experience fleeing the war in Iraq and Syria. Many of them ended up in transit countries like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and during that time, they were unable to go to school. 

“So, when the children arrived at the school, many of them have not experienced a school setting for 5-6 years. Some of them haven’t been to school at all because they were wandering the countryside until they could find a transit country and waiting to come to Australia. 70% of our students at Fairfield High School come with a similar story,” said Principal Borg.

A group of people standing next to each other.

Celebrating Small Business Big Impact Day

To coincide with this global initiative, Intuit QuickBooks provided Fairfield High School with much-needed HSC study guides and back-to-school supplies for around 150 students. This included sourcing supplies from local small business Charlie Boots such as backpacks, lunch boxes and stationery and 400 books across all 16 subjects taught at Fairfield High School. 

“Our focus this year is our HSC students and giving them opportunities to do their very best. We’re really appreciative of the study guides that Intuit purchased for us and the kids will really benefit from those,” Principal Borg said.

Intuit worked closely with Fairfield High School to identify key areas where funding and donations would make the biggest difference. In addition to school supplies, nutritious food is essential for students to be able to do their best at school. So, we provided funding for a breakfast and lunch club to ensure that every student could have a nutritious meal.

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Supporting students with equal opportunities

Our partnership with Fairfield High School kicked off in 2020 and is part of Intuit’s Prosperity Hub School program. Last year, 20 Intuit employees and our partners from Employment Hero, ran a 2 hour session with over 170 Year 10 students at the school. In this session, we helped students identify their passion and career choices. 

The aim was to break the stigma around traditional career paths and create awareness for other opportunities that students might not be aware of. We arranged for speakers to go to the school to motivate and inspire students about their future profession and also helped students to write and improve their resume writing. 

“The mentor support from Intuit is really helpful to broaden the horizons of our students. Many of our students’ families come with really high expectations. Just because they’re refugees with a non-English speaking background doesn’t mean that they cannot succeed and that is an important message that we need to keep communicating to the kids,” said Principal Charles Borg.

“Refugee kids are good kids – they simply haven’t had the same opportunities as we’ve had and here with the right opportunities, they’ll thrive.”

Education is a level playing field

In 2021, Intuit QuickBooks supported Fairfield High School to solve their #1 customer problem – improving ways to better engage migrant population students with resources to succeed in school. Intuit has since donated $25,000 to Fairfield High School and the AU Prosperity Hub School program team. 

“Many of our kids come to us with very few resources. Families really struggle at our school. They don’t understand the education, legal and health system, and that’s a focus that we have – making sure that our kids don’t miss out and that they have every single opportunity as everybody else is entitled to as well.”

In 2020, Intuit QuickBooks donated 40 laptops to Fairfield High School. This was in addition to the 50 laptops that were donated the year before. The laptops are a shared resource for the whole school (about 800 students) and this meant that more students could access laptops to complete their school work. These laptops would normally be disposed of as part of e-waste but the Intuit’s IT team were able to successfully wipe them and make them like new again.  

At Intuit QuickBooks, we are driven by a passion for small businesses and through our relationship with Fairfield High School, we are able to do just that, while supporting students with ongoing career development.

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