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Payroll tax Tasmania

Payroll tax Tasmania

Payroll tax is assessed by the state or territory you operate in. If your business operates across several states or territories, you may not need to pay tax in all of them. If you are an employer who pays wages, you need to understand your payroll tax obligations.

Learn the thresholds and rates for every state you issue wages in to ensure you are lodging returns correctly.

TAS payroll tax rates & thresholds 

As an employer, you are liable to pay payroll tax if you exceed Tasmania's threshold. If your wages are between $1.25m - $2m, your payroll tax is calculated at a rate of 4%. If your total wage bill exceeds $2m, you will pay at a rate of 6.1%. 

The Revenue Service Tasmania sets rates and thresholds, and your return is lodged and paid to them. 

According to Revenue Service Tasmania, the initial threshold is broken down by the number of days in the month – $98,890 for a 28-day month, $102,740 for a 30-day month, and $106,164 for a 31-day month. If wages paid don’t meet this threshold in a month, you don’t need to register or pay payroll tax. 

How to register for payroll tax in TAS

You can register for payroll tax online. Be sure to have the correct information on hand to complete the registration. You will receive your Tasmania payroll tax login once your application has been processed.

If you're a group member for payroll tax purposes, you still need to register and pay payroll tax in case any member of the group exceeds the threshold. 

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Due dates 

You have 7days from month end to lodge your return and pay. The annual reconciliation is due by 21 July of each financial year. 

Taxable wages 

Taxable wages are the total wages you pay, including all salaries and wages, inclusive of superannuation contributions, commissions, bonuses, termination payments, and fringe benefits. 

Payroll tax exemptions 

There are many payroll tax exemptions available, including the Employment Incentive Scheme, which offers employers a rebate for employing trainees, apprentices and youth employees. 

In response to COVID-19, there is also a payroll tax waiver for eligible employers in industries such as hospitality, tourism, and supporting businesses. 

Payroll tax in TAS with QuickBooks 

QuickBooks Payroll Software powered by Employment Hero can offer you functionalities like efficient automated paydays, payroll tax calculations, automated award identification, and much more. Our payroll software is also Single Touch Payroll compatible keeping you up to date with the latest compliance regulations. 

QuickBooks also offers other products to help your business with its accounting and tax needs. Start with a 30-day free trial to see everything that QuickBooks has to offer.

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