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10 benefits of Employee Self Service

What is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self Service is the ultimate tool for employees and payroll managers alike. Gone are the days of emailing HR/payroll enquiring about leave balances, changing details, or chasing lost payslips. The employee portal is a unique platform that eliminates the burden on payroll from employee onboarding and set up, right through to business reporting. Better yet, employees can access all their work related data straight from their phones using the Swag app.


In an easy to use app, employees can view their emergency contact, banking and super fund details, as well as submit leave requests and accept rostered shifts.

Leave management

Employees can submit leave requests and be notified when approved. All pending and approved leave requests can then be bulk applied in the pay run. Employees can also view their leave history and available balances at any time and also view their team members leave within their calendar.

Onboarding new employees

Employee Self Setup removes the paperwork associated with hiring new staff and empowers your employees to provide their personal details in an easy to use online form. They can also lodge their TFN declaration direct to the ATO via Employment Hero. All set up in less that 10 minutes.

View & edit employee details

Employees can edit their personal information, emergency contact, and add multiple bank accounts and super funds so they get paid exactly how they want. No more emails to payroll.

Expense reimbursement

Did Bob pick up milk for the team’s morning tea? Employees can submit expense reimbursements for approval and attach a receipt or tax invoice. All approved expense reimbursements are automatically applied in the pay run. No fuss. A record of all expense reimbursement requests are accessible to the employee to view at any time.


Employees can create and/or amend work timesheets for each shift and submit for manager approval. Once approved, these are directly imported into the pay run with a record retained.

Work unavailability

Employees can enter their unavailability up to a certain number of days (as determined by you) before it occurs. Recording unavailability assists managers when assigning shifts to rostered employees. No rejigging the roster.

Snapshot calendar

The calendar is a great snapshot displaying the employee’s submitted leave, unavailability, scheduled shifts as well as other employee’s leave.

Payslips and payroll

Employees can view, download and email their pay slips at any time once published by the payroll administrator. No more filing required.

Misc. document management

Administrators are able to upload documents, such as employment contracts or policies, and make them available for employees to view online.

For more information on the Swag app or on Employee Self Service, check out this page.

Swag: Your new employee self-serve app

Swag by Employment Hero is the latest self-serve staff management and benefits app, offering on-the-go access for staff to manage timesheets, leave and view payslips with ease. Swag allows employers to offer more competitive workplace benefits including a refreshed WorkZone experience

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