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Management Reports Overview

Management Reports allows you to create a set of beautiful reports in a .PDF format package to send to your client which includes a cover page, executive summary, reports and notes.

Have you ever wanted to impress your clients with a professional look and layout in your reporting?

Wanted something more than just the old style report page by page?

How have you added notes on financials to your clients?

QuickBooks Online Management Reports feature allows you to customise a professional looking reporting package complete with cover page, table of contents, preliminary pages, reports and end notes.

The Management Reports feature will save you precious time on running business reports – you won’t have to export out individual reports to software for assembly and finalisation.

You can create a management pack of reports customised with your practice or clients styling, with up to 15 reports in the one package.

As part of the Management Reports feature you can save the customised template to use time and time again. Customisation options include:

  • Adding your logo
  • Specifying headers and footers
  • Custom sections within the document such as an executive summary

Management Reports Explained

Management report
  1. Select Reports
  2. Management Reports
  3. Choose your report period
  4. Preview the chosen template
  5. Edit, send, export copy or delete a template
Management report

Customising the Management Report Template

You can customise Management Reports to include:

  • Cover page
  • Executive summary and financial notes
  • A variety of reports
  • Header and footer

Click Edit (5) from the Management Reports window.

Management report

From the left hand side navigation bar you can edit each section of the Management Report.

  1. Cover page
  2. This is where you can change the cover style and lgo, specify a cover title, subtitle and other fields
  3. Include a table of contents and change the page title
Management report
Management report

4. Chose to include preliminary pages. Enter a unique title, such as executive summary, add notes and insert fields at places where you want predefined company content to appear

Management report
Management report

5. Add or delete reports, change the title of a report (this will affect the table of contents), change the reporting period and add previous period/year comparison columns if applicable

Management report
Image Alt Text

6. Choose to include end notes. You can include breakdown of sub-accounts, change the title ( this affects table of contents ), type out the content or you can paste from another location such as Microsoft Word

Management report
Management report
Management report
Management report

Once the report package has been cutomised and saved as a new report, such as Sales Performance 123 (see above), you can choose to send via email (see below) , export as PDF or as a DOCX, copy the package, or delete (note only templates that have been created can only be deleted, not system pre-made ones).

Just remember to change the report period for your next mangement report in your saved template – that’s all that is required.

Management report

If you’re new to Management Reports, try editing the pre-made templates within QuickBooks Online and edit with your requirements.

Management Reports will save you time, no longer needing to assemble a full pack of customised reports and content outside of QuickBooks Online. This feature allows you to pull the package together with all the data you need to make the management report accurate, eye catching and impressive to your clients.

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