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March 2022 Product Update

Changes to the QuickBooks Online Business view menu

QuickBooks Online

We’re rolling out improvements to the navigation menu in the QuickBooks Online Business view. These changes will simplify the user experience, make finding the important things quicker and provide a platform for future enhancements like new product features and increased menu customisation. 

We plan to launch the upgraded experience for new QuickBooks Online customers starting 29 March, 2022. Existing customers will see the new menu in the months following.

Read on for all you need to know!

What is changing?

We’re launching a redesigned menu for the Business view in QuickBooks Online. Guided by extensive testing with Australian small business owners, the new menu has been optimised for ease of use and efficiency. We’ve also added the first of our customisation capabilities with bookmarks. No pages or functionality have been removed, but if you prefer the previous menu you can always revert to it by switching from Business view to Accountant view.

Menu overview: 

  • Business overview: Cash flow, Reports, Planner, and Projects
  • Get paid & pay: Customers, Quotes, Invoices, Time, Products & services and Suppliers 
  • Customers & leads: Customers and Marketing 
  • Payroll: Employees 
  • Bookkeeping: Transactions (Banking, Receipts, All Sales, Expenses), Rules, Chart of accounts, Tags, My accountant and Reconcile
  • GST: To do, History and Payments
  • Apps is where you will find the apps you’ve connected to QuickBooks

In addition to streamlining the navigation menu, we’ve also added bookmark functionality. This allows you to pin your most used features to the main menu, so they are never more than a click away!

Why are we updating the menu?

We’ve heard from new QuickBooks Online customers that our menu can be difficult to navigate, especially for those new to running a business. As we’ve introduced new functionality, we’ve also seen the menu grow, which adds further complexity. Seeing as we don’t intend to stop adding functionality (hello Mailchimp!), we decided to rebuild the menu from the ground up.

Who will see the updated menu?

Anyone starting a new QuickBooks Online subscription after 29 March 2022 will see the upgraded Business view menu. In the coming months we will roll it out to existing QuickBooks Online users—stay tuned for more.

Business view or Accountant view?

In QuickBooks Online there are two user views: Business view and Accountant view. You can switch between them anytime. Changing views doesn't affect your accounts or data.

If you’re brand new to accounting, we recommend using Business view. It simplifies your workspace so day-to-day tasks like sales and billing are easier. This lets you do your accounting without learning complicated accounting terms or processes.

If you have accounting experience and prefer standard industry terms, use Accountant view. If you've used QuickBooks Online for a while, Accountant view is most likely what you're used to seeing.

New Business view FAQ

.mye export

QuickBooks Online Advisor Functionality

To enable MYOB firms to work efficiently with QuickBooks Online, we’ve built an additional access point to export data from QuickBooks to an MYOB .mye file. This in turn enables the firm to import this data into their client’s Accountant’s Enterprise or Accountant’s Office Management Accounting System (MAS) ledger.

To export a client’s QuickBooks Online data to an .mye file, access the required QuickBooks Online file then select Settings > Export Data > Taxes. Then select the required Tax year and accounting method and click on Export to .mye. Alternatively, you can export client data by going to the Prep for Taxes area and selecting Export to MYOB (.mye) in the top right-hand corner.

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