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product update

December Product Update


QuickBooks Online

Tags are now available for QuickBooks Online users in Australia. Tags are customisable labels that help you track how you make and spend your money. Attaching tags to QuickBooks transactions makes them easy to search and sort. By assigning your tags into groups, you can generate reports to see how your business is doing at a glance and uncover ways to make it more profitable.

Invoice share for QuickBooks Mobile – iOS

QuickBooks Online Mobile App

The QuickBooks mobile app for iOS now gives you more ways to share invoices with your customers. Building on the existing WhatsApp share functionality, now you can share your invoices through any messaging app on your phone—so you can reach your customers no matter where they are.

Cash Flow experience for QuickBooks Mobile – Android

QuickBooks Online Mobile App

The Cash Flow tab has been extended to the QuickBooks Mobile app for Android. In addition, we’ve added a brand new feature designed to show you how much money in (and out) you can expect for the current month, and track progress towards it. This “MiMo” feature is only the beginning— stay tuned for more updates that give you new looks into your money, allowing you to identify trends and make better business decisions.

Download the QuickBooks Online mobile app for Android.

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

Books Review Wrap-Up Tab

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

Traditionally, when Advisors complete their BAS preparation workflows they jump around their client’s QBO file to perform a number of steps. These steps include exporting reports to serve as workpapers, sending reports to clients for transparency, closing the books to prevent mistakes from occurring and lastly entering the GST centre to produce their BAS summary. 

To help streamline the BAS preparation process we’ve developed the Books Review Wrap-Up tab, bringing these key tasks together in one place.

The Wrap-Up tab allows Advisors to:

  • Export BAS Workpapers
  • Send report packs to clients
  • Close the books for the period
  • Navigate straight to the Prepare BAS workflow in the GST Centre
  • Create customised shortcuts to other parts of QuickBooks

Check out the Wrap-up tab in Books Review.

New Management Report: BAS Workpapers

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

It’s a requirement for all BAS Agents to maintain records of the work they’ve undertaken in service of lodging compliance work on behalf of their clients. They may be asked to provide these records by the ATO or their clients for up to 7 years. We know that for many Advisors this involves manually exporting one report at a time before ultimately saving them in a cloud location.

To help, we’ve built a new Management Report called BAS Workpapers, which enables the compiling of reports into one pack. BAS Agents can edit and customise to their specific needs and save for future use. They no longer need to generate reports one at a time, instead they can export all in one go, granting greater efficiency and peace of mind.

The new BAS Workpapers report is accessible from the Books Review Wrap-Up Tab, the GST Centre, or the Management Reports window.

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