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Product Release
product update

March 2024 Product Update

Your Books is getting "Advanced"

QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a platform designed to support accountants and bookkeepers to manage their practice and their clients in one place. This support includes a free QuickBooks Online Plus subscription you can use to manage your practice financials. This is found under Your Books in the left navigation of QuickBooks Online Accountant. 

With the recent successful launch of QuickBooks Online Advanced in Australia, we will soon be upgrading Your Books to QuickBooks Online Advanced, enabling you to utilise the latest functionality to help you manage your practice.

An example of the new functionality you’ll soon be able to use includes:


Streamline activities in your practice by creating and allocating practice related tasks for yourself and/or your team members. Create tasks to automatically repeat every day, week, month or year. Set the date the tasks are to start and to end. You can even attach documents like workpapers or checklists to your tasks. Best of all, you can easily filter your task information to review the status of tasks assigned to yourself or your team members.

A screenshot of product update

Please note the Tasks created in Your Books differ from the Project Tasks created in Work. Consider Project Tasks to relate to client-related tasks and Your Books Tasks to relate to practice-related tasks.


The powerful workflow functionality in QuickBooks Online Advanced boosts productivity by automating the firm’s business processes. You can customise key practice related processes relating to invoices, bills and expenses and receive automatic notifications or approval requests to keep the practice running smoothly and consistently.

A screenshot of product update

Roles and Permissions

To have better control over what your team can see and edit in QuickBooks Online Accountant, we’ve introduced enhanced roles and permissions. You can create roles and assign the required permissions to them, then assign the role to the relevant team member.

A screenshot of product update

We’ll keep you posted when Your Books is being upgraded, however in the meantime if you would like to learn more about the functionality in QuickBooks Online Advanced, check out the training here.

Task notification settings update

QuickBooks Online Advanced

We’ve updated the task notification area in QuickBooks Online Advanced so you have more options over what tasks you’re notified about along with greater control over when you’re notified about task changes.

We’ve added a notification for overdue tasks, along with an overdue time frame you can define. We’ve included the option to be informed about any deleted tasks and you can now be prompted with upcoming tasks so you can keep across your workload.

A screenshot of product update

Prep for Taxes consolidation 

QuickBooks Online Accountant

To help you streamline your end of year accounts preparation, we’re making changes to Prep for Taxes. These changes will occur towards the end of June 2024 (this change was previously communicated to occur in March 2024) and will include additional customisation options, the consolidation of the Docs and Review and Adjust tabs and the removal of the Year End Tasks and Grouping and Statements tabs.

Additional customisations

The Review & adjust area simplifies the preparation of year end accounts by being able to see key information on a single screen. For example, you can easily review this year’s values compared to last year’s values along with the variance and quickly identify any anomalies. 

To provide greater control over the data you view in the Review & adjust area, you’ll soon be able to customise the screen display to suit what you would like to see.

A screenshot of product update

Consolidation of the Docs and Review & adjust tabs

To make client-related and workpaper documents easier to access, we’re consolidating the Docs tab into the Review & adjust tab.

This means all documents relating to your chart of accounts, will be relocated from the Docs tab to the Review & adjust tab. Once relocated, you will be able to continue to add, edit, view and annotate your documents as required. 

A screenshot of product update

The documents stored in the Review & adjust area will now automatically balance forward into the next financial year - a time saving option for your working paper documents. 

Removal of Year End Tasks and Grouping and Statements tabs

As we continue to evolve the Prep for Taxes area, the decision has been made to remove the Year End tasks and Grouping and Statements tabs. This will leave a single tab being Review & adjust. 

A screenshot of product update

Should you need more information regarding these changes, please connect with your Partner Development Manager or the Customer Success team.

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