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Product Update
product update

November 2023 Product Update

Swag has launched for QuickBooks customers

Product name: QuickBooks Payroll

Following the launch of the Swag app by Intuit’s partner, Employment Hero, we’re delighted to have brought Swag to QuickBooks Payroll users. Swag is the latest self-serve employee management and benefits app, offering on-the-go access for staff to manage timesheets, leave, view payslips and clock in and out with ease. Swag will be replacing WorkZone on 31 January 2024. Please let your clients know so they can begin to transition their staff to Swag.

Find out more about Swag here

Auto-save Budgets

Product name: QuickBooks Online

We’ve added auto-save functionality in the budgets area for QuickBooks Online Plus so you don’t lose valuable information when stepping away and getting timed out by QuickBooks. Your data is automatically saved every 15 minutes - which we will continue to monitor and adjust where required.

One navigation for all users

Product name: QuickBooks Online

We have successfully combined two navigation menus, Business View and Accountants View, into a single view, making it easier for accountants and bookkeepers to collaborate with their clients and improving general usability in QuickBooks. 

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