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Product Updates
product update

June 2023 Product Update

Customisable Navigation

QuickBooks Online Accountant

Tailor the left hand navigation menu under Your Books to suit how you work in QuickBooks Online Accountant. Let’s take a look at how this new feature works.

Firstly, clicking on the edit pencil next to Your Books (your very own QuickBooks Online Plus subscription to manage your practice’s books) now gives you access to tailor your menu settings.

Customisable Navigation screenshot

You can easily select the menu items you’d like to view as well as unmark those you don’t use so don’t need to see. You can also move menu items around using simple drag and drop functionality so they’re in the order you prefer too.


For those items you access frequently, you can now bookmark them. And soon you’ll be able to display your bookmarks at the top of the screen to make them easier to access. Watch this space.


And at any stage, you can reset your menu items back to the default setting so you’re always in control. Jump into QuickBooks Online Accountant and have a look today.

Business overview customisation

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant

Hot on the heels of our recent menu customisation updates, we’ve added more customisation to both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant. Now you can add, remove, resize and reorder the widgets on the business overview dashboard. As with menu customisation, changes are made at the individual user level and they won’t impact your data. Plus, if you ever need it, you can always reset to the default experience—so customise to your heart's content!

A computer monitor with a bunch of information on it.

New Tax Year Additions and Enhancements

QuickBooks Tax

Tax Forms 2023 

The 2023 tax forms are now available. LodgeiT will automatically create new forms for you in a few days. We will ensure that relevant field values will roll forward from 2022 returns. Check out the ATO's overview of key changes.

Please note pre-filling data from the ATO is available from 1 July as the ATO receives it, with most data being available by the end of July.

Teams & Client Access

You can now easily configure and see who is responsible for particular clients by organising colleagues into teams and assigning them to client groups or clients. We have also introduced an outside collaborator role, who can only access the clients and work they are assigned to.

Here is what you can do:

  • Create teams and add members to them
  • Assign members and teams to clients and client groups
  • Mark clients as private to hide them from other colleagues
  • Filter your work by client assignee 
  • Invite outside collaborators
  • Upload your profile photo in the account settings.

To learn how to use this new functionality, take a look at our demo video to see it in action.

Default Contact Source on Tax Returns

Now you can configure a default contact source on a tax return separately for a postal address, phone and email. You can configure it to automatically populate with your details, client details or carry forward them from a prior year tax return. Additionally, you can override any option in the client settings.

Activity Statement Substantiation Declaration 

We added an option to include the substantiation declaration for activity statements.

Two-Factor Authentication using an Authenticator app

To keep your valuable data safe, we highly recommend switching your second-factor authentication from SMS to an authenticator app. This will provide a safer, more reliable level of security. You can change your preference in your account settings.

For new users, SMS as the second-factor authentication is not available anymore.

Advanced Financial Reports

We've been working hard to build the next generation of financial reporting.

Here is what you can do:

  • Create and customise financial notes
  • Add up to 12 comparison periods
  • Add, remove and change the order of your report blocks
  • Use automatically numbered headings
  • Play first, pay later. Try all the features before buying.

See it in action by watching our demo video to learn more.

This functionality is available by purchasing a package or paying per report. Prices start just at $6.59 per report if you buy a package. To learn more, head to the billing page for detailed pricing.

To help you get the most out of this new reporting functionality, attend one of our free Financial Reports Workshop to learn more.

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