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Product Updates
product update

March 2023 Product Update

Split earnings by dimension values

QuickBooks Payroll

We’re excited to announce that QuickBooks Payroll users now have the ability to split employee earnings by dimension values. 

This feature is beneficial to use for any auto-pay employee whose earnings need to be costed against more than one dimension value. Once configured in the employee’s file, the earnings will then split automatically in the pay run, thereby removing the need to manually assign dimensions individually. 

This feature is available to users on Advanced Payroll. Check it out in QuickBooks.

Gross to Net report in unfinalised pay runs

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll users now have the ability to access Gross to Net reports, along with the Pay Run Audit and Variance reports within an unfinalised pay run. This will allow users to get a more granular view of employee earnings as the report can be generated to display a breakdown of earnings by pay category. 

Pay run approvers will also have access to this report when they are sent a pay run to approve. Check it out in QuickBooks.

ATO software provider name change

QuickBooks Payroll

Setting up the software connection between the business’ payroll account and the ATO is the first step in enabling STP reporting for your clients. This process requires knowing the software provider and software ID - both of which we display in the following areas of the product:

  1. ATO Settings screen > Electronic Lodgement & STP tab; and
  2. Enable STP wizard > Enable ATO Integration screen

To enable STP reporting for new clients, QuickBooks Payroll should now search for "Employment Hero Payroll" as the software provider, not "KeyPay" as previously required. 

Is any action required for businesses that have already enabled STP?

No. Businesses/partners that have already established the connection with the ATO are not required to do anything further, as the software ID will remain the same as part of this update.

Is the existing ATO integration process changing as part of this software provider name change?

The existing process will largely remain the same for any new businesses/partners requiring to integrate their payroll account with the ATO. The only difference will be that rather than searching for "KeyPay" as the software provider in your Access Manager, users will search for "Employment Hero Payroll". The corresponding ABN is 70 154 693 955.

GST Centre updates

QuickBooks Online

The team compiled and resolved a list of bugs in the GST Centre to make managing your taxes just a little less taxing. Some of the updates include:

  • Improved readability of tax rates in the edit rate settings
  • Updated tooltips using correct '?' design
  • Displayed the BAS period instead of just the date lodged on the BAS /IAS summary
  • Added a date picker to Prepare BAS flow instead of prompting the user to enter manually (and make an error)
  • Corrected spacing between UI components
  • Added error messages for incorrectly entered ABN in the 'Connect to ATO' flow

Check out the GST Centre in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Mobile faster start (iOS)

QuickBooks Mobile App

We’ve been hard at work making the QuickBooks Mobile app for iOS load faster. To do this, we first improved an internal performance measurement tool to measure pre-warmed app startups. A “pre-warmed” startup is when iOS decides to jump start your app in advance of anticipated use. This helped us identify and resolve a performance issue, leading to snappier start up times.

Download the QuickBooks Mobile app for iOS here, or Android here.

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