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Product Updates
product update

April 2023 Product Update

American Express API Direct bank feed connection

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self Employed

We’ve launched a new bank feed connection for Small Businesses and Advisors banking with American Express. API Direct Bank Feed technology delivers live, up-to-date transaction data, as it occurs in real-time. 

This enables QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self Employed users to connect their AMEX bank feeds securely and seamlessly via API, without any forms, or delays. 

What does it mean for American Express users?

  • Existing Connections: Users with an existing AMEX Standard feed connection will be invited to upgrade to the new API Direct feed in the coming days. There will be no impact to those who do not wish to upgrade their feed at this time.
  • New Connections: The API Direct connection method represents an upgrade over the legacy Standard feed connection, and is now the default option for new AMEX connections. See the Getting Started Hub to learn how to connect a new bank account or check out the video below.

Prep for Taxes Document Management

QuickBooks Online

We know you have lots of documents flying in and around your practice so we’ve added some additional functionality in the Documents tab in Prep for Taxes to help out. Below we explore how they work.

Add a sub folder

In the General area, you now have the ability to add a sub folder within a folder to store your documents. Adding folders and sub folders is totally tailorable so you can create (and rename) the document management structure you would like in your practice.

Add a sub folder

Add a link

For managing and storing online documents, you can now do that by selecting Add link and inputting the document name and URL for the document.

Add a link

Mark documents to carry forward

Some documents, like working paper templates, are often carried forward from one year to another. You can now mark which documents you would like to carry forward.

Mark documents to carry forward

You can also ‘unmark’ files for carry forward as you can see below.

Mark documents to carry forward

Carrying Forward Documents

When it comes to carrying forward documents in Prep for Taxes, you select the required future year (point 1), then under the Tools button you select Carry forward previous year (point 2) and the documents marked to carry forward will be accessible (point 3).

Carrying Forward Documents

Be sure to check out the document management feature in Prep for taxes. And feel welcome to provide your feedback by clicking on the Feedback link (below the Export to LodgeiT button) so we can continue to add the product functionality you need.

QuickBooks Tax Updates

QuickBooks Tax

It’s been another busy month for the LodgeiT team adding more functionality to QuickBooks Tax. You can read all about the updates below.This month’s updates include ATO SmartDocs integration, the release of the 2023 Fringe Benefits Tax return and more.

ATO SmartDocs integration

We are delighted to announce that we've integrated with ATO SmartDocs. You can now export your LodgeiT client and tax return lists and import them into ATO SmartDocs. See the Export page for available export options.

2023 Fringe benefits tax (FBT) return

The 2023 Fringe benefits tax (FBT) return is now available to prepare. 

See the ATO website for FBT rates and instructions.

Other changes

  • Batch actions to assign/reset tags for accounts.
  • Select where to allocate franked distribution deductions on the Trust Tax Return.
  • Add more than one row to the capital proceeds field on the CGT worksheet.
  • Rollover borrowing worksheets on the Company Tax Return to the future years.
  • We added "Primary Contact Name" and "Primary Contact Email" fields to the clients export.
  • Export tax forms for archived clients.

New customer support journey

QuickBooks Online

We’ve made it easier for Small Business and Advisor users to access QuickBooks Online product support. Connect with the team via phone, through in-product chat or Messenger, you can even book a no-cost 1:1 onboarding session.

New customer support journey

Check out the new contact us page.

Refer a friend, get rewarded

QuickBooks Online

Love using QuickBooks? You’re not alone! QuickBooks Online is known for having some of the most satisfied accounting software customers in Australia. For a limited time, if you tell a friend and they subscribe, you could both be eligible for a $50 Amazon gift voucher.

Learn more about the promotion, including full terms and conditions, here.

QuickBooks Payroll rebrand

QuickBooks Payroll

Here’s a quick update regarding QuickBooks’ payroll partner. 

In 2021, Webscale Pty Ltd, the makers of KeyPay, the software that powers QuickBooks Payroll, was acquired by Employment Hero Pty Ltd. Following this acquisition, QuickBooks Payroll branding has been updated from “powered by KeyPay” to “powered by Employment Hero” across the platform. There are no changes to the functionality of the product—everything our customers know and love about QuickBooks Payroll remains the same.

What do I need to do to prepare for the change?

You don’t need to lift a finger. We're busy making sure all references to KeyPay are updated to Employment Hero.

About Employment Hero

Founded in 2014, Employment Hero is an Australian owned and based company offering a full suite of HR management tools, including payroll and benefits. Its award-winning platform provides an end-to-end people management solution for recruitment, onboarding and performance management, among other features. 

Employment Hero’s platform powers over 90,000 businesses, collectively managing over 850,000 employees. 

We look forward to further collaboration with Employment Hero in bringing our Quickbooks Payroll customers innovative solutions that help solve their most important payroll needs. 

Please see our handy list of FAQs related to the changes here

Learn more about QuickBooks Payroll here.

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