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QuickBooks Online: inventory bundles

QuickBooks Online Inventory now includes Bundles! Have you ever wanted to sell your products by grouping them into a package and then selling it with a discounted amount? Well, now you can.

If selling your products in a group, package or Bundle, QuickBooks Online Inventory Bundles offers a simple way to group together products and services.

How will bundles help you?

Bundles save time when you create a sales transaction. Instead of entering each product or service as a separate line item, you can ‘bundle’ together the services and products and then name it (e.g. Puppy Kit).

When recording the sale via your invoice, choose the Bundle name on the sales form and QuickBooks Online will add the associated Bundled items automatically.

Bundles are only available in QuickBooks Online Plus.

Here are some reasons why you may want to set up Bundles in QuickBooks Online.

  • Providing clients with grouped items to make their decision easier: Say you break down the larger project into a few groups/Bundles. By doing this, your client can focus on the overall package instead of each item/service and individual cost.
  • Value pack: selling products in packs of 6, 12, 24: This is discounted within the packs, depending on how many are purchased.
  • Entertainment package: The package prices could include tickets, dinner, accommodation or travel.
  • Gift basket: The basket could contain candy, seasonal fruit or a bottle of wine
  • Baby basket: The basket could contain a teddy bear, baby bib, baby brush, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby powder or flowers.
  • Pet store puppy kit: This could include a puppy bed, puppy organic shampoo, puppy PJs, puppy collars and puppy toys.
  • Toolkit: This could include a wrench, plier set, hammer, ruler, saw, pencil, metal clamps, level and screwdriver.
  • First aid kit: This could include Band-Aids, gloves, aspirin, bandages, safety pins and a cold pack.

The options are endless!

Now let’s walk through the process.

How to create your bundle

You need to ensure the inventory is turned on. Go to the gear icon > Company settings > Sales > Products and Services > select Track inventory quantity on hand.

Set the Products and Services list items in Product/Service > New Item.

For more information, read my blog on recent Inventory updates.

You’ll see Bundles as a new option when you go to add an item to the Products and Services list.


1. Click the gear icon > Products and Services.

2. Click New.

3. Click Bundle.

4. Enter a name for the Bundle.

5. To track the Bundle by SKU, enter SKU.

6. Add an image to the Bundle:

1. Click the edit icon

2. Find the image

3. Click Open

7. Enter the description that customers see on sales forms.

8. If you want to show your customers the individual items the Bundle contains on your invoice:

1. Select Display Bundle components when printing or sending transactions.

2. Otherwise, your customers see the name of the Bundle ONLY, not the items in it.

9. Enter the products and services you want to include in the Bundle. Change the quantity for each product or service as needed:

1. A Bundle can contain up to 50 products and service.

2. However, a Bundle cannot contain another Bundle.

10. Click Save and new to create another Bundle, or click Save and close if you’re done.

A Few Notes About Bundle Items

  • There is a limit of 50 component items in a Bundle.
  • You can rearrange the order of component items in the list by dragging the icon found to the left of the item.
  • You cannot assign a category to a Bundle.
  • There is no purchasing information associated with a Bundle. They are only used in sales transactions, including Invoices, Quotes, Credit Memos, Sales Receipts, Refund Receipts, Delayed Credits, and Delayed Charges.

Invoice displays the selected bundle

The rate for the Bundle is the sum of the rates for each of the component items, multiplied by the quantity for each of the items (e.g. puppy walking leads x2 less the discount).

In the below example, I want my package to be $250.00 excl. GST.

  • The price of all products comes in at $277.73.
  • The discount on this package is $27.73, so the final price is $250.00.
  • You could also choose a flat percentage discount on the total of the package price.

Note: When setting up your invoice template, only the Airy template will allow you to add the SKU column in the Invoice.

In the next example, the selection box ‘Display bundle components when printing or sending transactions’ has not been chosen, and only the name of the Bundle and Sales information description will be seen on the customer’s invoice.

In the next example, the ‘Display bundle components when printing or sending transactions’ has been selected, and all the individualised products will be seen on the invoice going out to the client. The Invoice template is Airy as we chose to view the SKU numbers.

You can edit the Bundle inside the invoice after it is selected in the sales transaction. Changes made will not affect the Bundle products/services and price, and amend the quantity of the same Bundle being sold if selling more than one.

If selling more than one Bundle, or if individual items need to be added in the same invoice, select ‘Add a subtotal’ after the last line item.

A discount item could also be added to the next line after the subtotal if you do not have the Bundle discounted, as per the example below.


This new feature is a win-win. I mainly like the idea of having the Bundles grouped together and also being able to add a discount to provide the package price.

No matter what type of business you run, Bundles are a great addition to Inventory in QuickBooks Online.

To read more articles related to product updates, visit here

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