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Tags are now available in QuickBooks Online

One of the most important aspects of running a small business is knowing how you spend and make your money. Tags—a new feature for QuickBooks Online users in Australia—helps you do just that.

Tags are customisable labels that let you track the things that matter to you. Adding tags to transactions in QuickBooks makes them easy to sort and search. By assigning your tags into groups, you can generate reports to see how your business is doing at a glance and uncover ways to make it more profitable. Best of all—tags are entirely separate from your chart of accounts, so they won’t affect your books.

What can I tag?

You can tag most money-in and money-out transactions, like invoices, bills and expenses.

Tags are perfect for when you have lists of items to track. For example, if you have multiple employees, you could create a tag for each person and assign them to a group named “Employees,” tagging the transactions according to who made them.

Other scenarios include tracking marketing campaigns or sales channel performance, profit and loss per event, or even just keeping an eye on specific expenses. Use them to track what matters to you and your business.

Tags insights

Tags are available now for all QuickBooks Online plans; Simple Start, Essentials and Plus.


Check out these articles to learn more about and get started with tags.

Small business owners




*Note: these articles were written for the US market and reference QuickBooks Advanced, which is not available in Australia.

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