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Running a business

Software for Plumbing Businesses

Running a plumbing business isn’t just about fixing pipes. You need to be able to manage all aspects of your business well to keep offering great services to your clients. Using software designed for Tradies can help you automate your tasks and make it easier to manage all aspects of your plumbing company, from tracking expenses to invoice management. 

In this article, we’ll cover why using software is essential for your plumbing business. But first, let’s cover the typical problems you might face. 

Typical Problems Facing Plumbing Companies 

Handling the finances of your plumbing company can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with accounting practices. The sheer volume of transactions and the importance of maintaining accurate records often result in a complex situation that can be difficult to unravel. Let's delve deeper into the typical challenges that plumbing companies face when they start out:

Juggling Invoices

Picture a plumbing company that is dealing with a multitude of invoices coming in from suppliers, subcontractors, and clients. Each invoice needs to be logged, categorised, and tracked, which can be a time-consuming admin task. With piles of paperwork stacking up, it's all too easy for invoices to go unnoticed or get lost in the shuffle, resulting in delayed payments or missed chances for revenue.

Tracking Expenses

Imagine a plumber who is dealing with the challenge of managing all their expenses, including purchasing materials and covering fuel costs for service vehicles. If there isn't an effective system in place, these expenses can quickly spiral out of control and have a negative impact on the plumber’s profitability and cash flow. 

Reconciliation Challenges

Let’s think of a scenario where a small plumbing business owner dedicates hours to carefully compare bank statements with accounting records. Every discrepancy found during this process adds another level of complexity that needs to be thoroughly investigated and resolved.

This not only takes up a considerable amount of time but also leads to delays in accessing vital financial information needed for making the right decisions for the business.

Issues With Cash Flow

Consider a scenario where a plumbing company is having issues with managing its cash flow due to unpredictable project timelines and payment cycles. When customers delay their payments and unexpected expenses arise, it can significantly affect the company's available funds, leading to financial strain and missed opportunities for growth.

Top 6 Software for Plumbing Businesses

Let’s take a look at six types of software and how they cater to plumbing businesses, from appointment scheduling to customer relationship management. 

1. Appointment Scheduling: ServiceTitan

Scheduling appointments efficiently is crucial for plumbing companies to effectively handle their workload and offer timely service to customers. 

Tools like ServiceTitan make it easier for plumbers to set up appointments, allocate technicians, and send automatic reminders to clients. These systems can also be linked with other software like customer relationship management (CRM) tools and accounting software for a smooth overall experience.

2. Field Service Management Software: FieldEdge

Field service management software like FieldEdge assists plumbing firms in efficiently overseeing their field activities. 

FieldEdge offers functions such as scheduling jobs, dispatching tasks, optimising routes, and granting technicians mobile access. With FSM software at their disposal, plumbers can monitor job statuses in real-time, interact with customers and record crucial job specifics—all through a centralised system.

3. Accounting Software: QuickBooks Online

Successful financial management plays a crucial role in the success of all businesses, even plumbing companies. 

Utilising accounting tools like QuickBooks Online empowers plumbers to handle invoicing, monitor expenses, reconcile bank transactions, and produce financial summaries. By leveraging QuickBooks Online, plumbers can simplify their accounting tasks, enhance cash flow oversight, and gain meaningful insights into their business's financial well-being.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Salesforce

Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is crucial for plumbing companies to generate repeat business and referrals. 

CRM software Salesforce helps plumbers manage customer interactions, track leads and opportunities, and personalise their communication with clients. By centralising customer data and automating follow-up tasks, CRM software enables plumbing companies to deliver exceptional customer service and foster long-term loyalty.

5. Project Management Software: Trello

For plumbing companies that undertake large-scale projects or complex installations, project management software can be invaluable for keeping projects on track and within budget. 

Platforms like Trello provide features like task management, milestone tracking, and team collaboration tools. By centralising project-related information and facilitating communication among team members, project management software helps plumbing companies deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

Sign up for QuickBooks Online Today 

Are you interested in improving the financial efficiency of your plumbing business? Sign up for QuickBooks Online today to take advantage of its powerful accounting software. With plenty of features and a dedicated support team, QuickBooks Online is designed to help plumbing contractors simplify their financial management tasks.


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