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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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HSBC connection error duplicating accounts and transactions

For the last week now I have been unable to reconnect my HSBC ever since the 90 day period was up. 


I never had issues prior to receiving this message, but no matter how many times I press 'Renew your connection' the message doesn't disappear. I even get to the end where a big tick appears. I've tried renewing them individually or through the 'renew all' function. 


However, what it does seem to be doing is duplicating my bank accounts and duplicating my transactions that were already on my account (which I didn't spot until after trying to renew a few times). On top of that, I now also get a message saying 'We can't find this account at your bank', which is making it near impossible for me to fix the account and continue my work. 


I went to delete one of the duplicated bank accounts but it warned me it would remove every single transaction from that account, and there is no way of knowing which ones were duplicated recently and which ones have been there since I opened my Quickbooks account. 


I was hoping that this would resolve itself within 2-3 days, but over a week later and I am still unable to resolve the issue

QuickBooks Team

HSBC connection error duplicating accounts and transactions

Let's make sure that this will be taken care of and I'm here to help you with your HSBC connection, DavidCopford.


There's an ongoing issue about the re-authentication of HSBC connection. Our engineers are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.


As a workaround, you can remove the duplicated connection on the bank accounts page while waiting for a permanent fix. 


In the meantime, I suggest reaching out to our phone support team so you'll be added to the list of the users who are affected. Here's how to reach them.


QB Assistant is a virtual agent that gives you quick personalized answers. Ask general questions like "How much did I make this year?" or "How many business miles did I log?"

To open QB Assistant, follow the step for your device:

  • Web browser: Select Assistant from the top menu.
  • iPhone or iPad: Tap the button on the dashboard, then select Ask QB Assistant.
  • Android: Tap the chat bubble icon on any screen.

Once you're in, type a question or press and hold the mic icon to ask your question out loud.

Connect with us

  1. Enter or say “Talk to a human.”
  2. Choose a way to connect with us:
    • Start a chat with a support expert.
    • Get a callback from the next available expert.

For your reference, to know more about QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) please refer to this article for more information: QuickBooks Self-Employed Overview.


Feel free to let us know if there's anything else you need. I'll always make sure to help you.

Bill Gallop
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HSBC connection error duplicating accounts and transactions

Can I ask the OP if they have seen any resolution for this?


I have also logged this with HSBC support and have been told that I will be kept updated but since then there has been silence. 

With that and their inability to connect to Virgin Money credit cards via Open Banking I am left wondering what exactly I am paying for every month. 


HSBC connection error duplicating accounts and transactions

Thanks for joining this conversation, @Bill Gallop.


Our Product Engineers are still working to fix this issue about the re-authentication of the HSBC connection.


That said, I highly suggest contacting our QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) support so they can add your details to our notification list. This helps our Engineers determine the number of affected users. An email notification will be sent to you once this has been resolved. I'll also inform you here when we get the update as well.


To reach them, you can refer to the steps shared by my colleague Maria above or visit this article: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support.


Just in case, I'll add this article that tackles Open Banking in QuickBooks: What is Open Banking?


Please let me know how the call goes or if you have any other issues. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you. I'll be here to help. Have a good one!

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