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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
SAP Carpentry
Level 2

Mobile app

Would anyone be able to help me with a problem I keep getting with the mobile app. I’m using quickbooks online in conjunction with the mobile app and I have my bank account linked with it but for some reason it keep saying transaction can not be completed, we ran into a problem. It’s fine if I do it on the main computer anyone have the same issue? 


Mobile app

Hello SAP Carpentry,


Since the Banking page is working properly when logging in to a computer browser, let's do a few troubleshooting steps to get this working on your mobile. Here are the things that we can do:

  • Restart your phone and launch again the app.
  • Update your phone's operating system.
  • Uninstall/Reinstall the app.

These troubleshooting steps will help us refresh the compatibility of the application to your mobile phone.


Let me know how this goes so we can further assist you. Thanks!

SAP Carpentry
Level 2

Mobile app

Thank you for the response, but unfortunately none of you suggested methods to get it working helped. My phone is up to date and I have reset my phone and deleted the app and reinstalled it. 


Im running an iPhone 6s Plus if this helps in any way. So far it’s the only problem I’m having as everything else seems to be working fine 

QuickBooks Team

Mobile app

Hello again @SAP Carpentry.

I appreciate you following the troubleshooting steps provided by @JamesDuanT. Allow me to step in and add some more information about the error.

We received reports that some customers are unable to accept transactions via IOS App. Our product engineers are currently investigating the root cause of this issue and implementing a fix.

While waiting for the permanent resolution, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Customer Care Team. They can add you to our list of affected users, and you'll receive an email notification once an update is available.

You can reach them through the following link and going directly to the Help and Support section: Contact QuickBooks.


In the meantime, access your account using a browser and accept transactions from there.


I appreciate your patience while we look into this. Should you have any other concerns, please leave me comment. I'm always happy to help.


SAP Carpentry
Level 2

Mobile app

I am still having problems accepting transactions via the mobile app and this problem has been going on for too long now. I pay for this program to allow me to be able to do my accounts on the go and I am still unable to do so. Please can you shed some light on why this is still a problem and what you are doing to resolve the issue as it’s making me not want to use your software 





Mobile app

Thanks for getting back to us, @SAP Carpentry


I've checked here the investigation about the error you're getting when accepting transactions, as provided by my colleague above, is still open. Our product engineers are working hard to find ways with getting a permanent fix as soon as possible.


As an alternative, you can change the time setting in iOS to 24-hr time. This way, you'll be able to match transactions on the mobile app. Here's how: 


  1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to General, then select Date & Time.
  3. Choose 24 Hour Time, and set it to On


If you haven't contacted us yet to have your account to the affected list of companies, I suggest you to do so. You can reach out to our support team through this link: Contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care Team


We thank you for your patience. Rest assured, I'll update this thread as soon as I receive any updates from our product engineers, @SAP Carpentry. Stay positive always!

Level 2

Mobile app

1000000% spot on!

I have never dealt with support or a product this bad, with very limited customer service!!


I am 20+ year user, not for much longer however!


Mobile app

Hi @AlarmmanOCNJ,


This isn't the type of experience we want our users to go through. Rest assured, our product engineers are working to get a fix deployed as soon as possible.


If you've already contacted our technical support team, then that means you've already been added to the list of our affected users. With that said, you'll receive an email notification as soon as there's an update on this investigation.


Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other questions. I'll make sure to get back to you.

Level 2

Mobile app

Except that is the case! This has been an on-going issue for over a year now!


I really believe the company could care less about resolving the app issue, and I even get told you can use the browser. 


Really!!!! Why have an app then? It's suppose to be for ease of use, except it's as useless as driving a car with no arms!


In addition every time I call, I get a limited support person & get a different answer from each representative! Nice to have support people trained & on the same level of support!


If I did that in my business I'd be out of business!IMG_0477.png IMG_0478.png IMG_0479.png Nice work Intuit! IMG_0481.png Even better than I expected Intunothing!!!


I go back 20 + years with QB and this is by far the worst support & product that I have ever experienced!!!!


Mobile app

Hello there, 


Thanks for pointing this out. Please know that we hear you. 


I can see the level of convenience it can bring to you without having to go through this error.


I know this can be frustrating but while we continue to work on getting this fixed, you can try the suggested workaround which is using a browser.

On the other note, your sentiments about the support system are being noted. I'll make sure to raise this concern to the appropriate channels for the improvement of the quality of our service.


We're always open for feedback and I'm looking forward to hear more from you. 

Level 2

Mobile app

Yeah I see that after a year + ! Boy Intuit really does a good brainwashing job of it’s employees!

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