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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Monzo Bank Link

UK: A client has recently moved banks to Monzo bank . We set up the Monzo to QuickBooks bank link, to import transactions.

1) On occasions Monzo are duplicating entries.

2) Most entries imported from Monzo have no payee or payment reference, unlike the customers previous bank.

This makes it impossible to create "rules" under banking and every entry is now having to be matched manually to the bank statement, to find out who was paid and the payment reference.

Anyone else having issues with Monzo bank link import?

QuickBooks Team

Monzo Bank Link

Hello and welcome to the Community, MMTM.


Open banking provides a one-way transfer of data and as such we're unable to control the information that we receive from each provider. If there are only a few duplicates, you can exclude these by ticking the check-box to the left of the duplicate(s) on the for review page > exclude. If there are many, you may instead consider disconnecting and reconnecting the account in QuickBooks to troubleshoot. 


Please check that the downloaded transactions are set to show the full bank details by navigating to banking > for review > select the small cog to the right > tick show bank details. Hope this helps!

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Monzo Bank Link

Thank you for your reply with solution.

I had already tried the suggestion, after talking with QuickBooks Support, without success. But thank you.

I really want to know if others are having the same issues, before advising my customer to change banks or bookkeeper!

I suspect Monzo, being a cheaper alternative challenger bank, is fine for very small business, but for those with a fair amount of bank entries, their online banking / accounts import just isn't good enough.

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Monzo Bank Link

I'm having exactly the same problems with monzo/quickbooks. Quickbooks doesn't pick up many of the payees so it just guesses them. I then need to manually edit them. It also means that a lot of the rules don't work


Monzo Bank Link

Hello DaveMus. I don't want you to go through the same problem mentioned.


Currently, we haven't received any reports of Monzo duplicating entries or inaccurately sending data to QuickBooks. Please know that the data QuickBooks receives depends on your bank.


Initially, you can reach out to Monzo's support or visit their website. You can then verify if there are any alerts or notifications prompting action that might be causing entries to lack a payee or payment reference.


If you've verified that everything is functioning correctly on their end, please contact our Support Team so we can conduct further investigation into this matter. Meanwhile, you can continue manually editing entries to ensure accurate data.


Here are some articles you can check for details about reconciling accounts and categorising bank data: 



You can add another post if you have follow-up questions. I'll be around to respond.

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Monzo Bank Link

Yes, exactly the same problem.

PAYEE info is not imported. Duplicate lines if Monzo refused payment as safety precaution, requiring manual secondary authorisation then repaying the Payee again after security.

Monzo presumably need to sort this urgently. If they offer Business Banking they need to ensure the Connectivity and data/format provided is to accepted standards.

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