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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Level 2

Very fed up and cannot receive a refund for the months of disturbance. What is wrong with QB service and which accounting software is better?

Since the 90day reauthorisation, Cooperative business bank will not stay connected to my QB account. 
Yes I reconnected on the app, phone web browser and the laptop. All times it connects to then disconnect a few hours later. 
I’ve complained to cooperative who wash their hands with it. I’ve been on the phone for hours and hours with QB agents. All of them can see the problem but cannot get it fixed. Often putting blame on the device, platform I’ve tried to reconnect with. 
I have to connect the accounts every time I use QB. I’m missing transactions through October to November which means my profit and loss is not correct. My entire financial year of book keeping is on QB, with my accountant observing. It’s all about go to [full name removed], if QB doesn’t configure a stable connection with Cooperative bank. 
I’ve requested a refund for October payment whilst the problem exist. To now have that rejected, saying it’s not within their terms of cancellation. I’m not looking to cancel. Don’t see why I’m charged for a software that is not operating correctly. 

I either need to drop QB completely and try another book keeping software that does not have connection problems with cooperative. 
Or I need to change business banks. 

It’s a ruddy nightmare and I am fed up with exhaustion to have to keep calling QB to see if they are able to solve the issue. I work as a gardener in the rain, which makes the working day even harder. Coming home cold to the bone. I am exhausted with work and do not need the extra stress with QB.

QuickBooks Team

Very fed up and cannot receive a refund for the months of disturbance. What is wrong with QB service and which accounting software is better?

Hello there, little-miss-orch.

I see you've dedicated time and effort to resolving the bank feed connection issue with Co-operative Business Banking. Let me help and route you to the right support that can properly address your concern.


The online banking issue you're having has already been reported to our engineers (INV-79249). Rest assured, that this is being handled with the utmost urgency to ensure that all impacted customers can easily access the most recent bank information and use the feature seamlessly.


While we're unable to provide an alternate solution, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online (QBO) Care Team again to sign up to the list of affected users. You'll be notified via email once there's progress on the investigation, including the permanent fix. 


Once the issue has been resolved, make sure to categorize your transactions to the correct account to keep your records organized and easy to reconcile. Regarding your other concern, you can check with our specialists again about the refund request. They have tools to access your account and then explain the process in detail.


For additional resources, this reference contains a list of common banking errors as well as instructions on how to fix them: Open Banking connection errors in QuickBooks Online.


You can also bookmark the link to our banking guide for future use. It includes a list of topics that will walk you through how to handle deposits, reconcile an account, manage bank feeds, and other related tasks.


I appreciate your patience while we're working on this. Feel free to leave a comment below if you require further information about the product or have other banking concerns. I'm always ready to help you. 

Level 4

Very fed up and cannot receive a refund for the months of disturbance. What is wrong with QB service and which accounting software is better?

I share your pain with this, we have been having the same problem.

It's not clear whether the issue is with QB or with Coop since it's seemingly impossible to get to talk to anyone at Coop who knows anything about it. At least QB has acknowledged the problem and is working on it.

I recommend moving your bank account to Starling! After several years of Coop stress (repeated locking of our account, massive wait times to get to talk to anyone) I've made the switch and it is so much easier.

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