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Bring back leaver employee for furlongh?



I accidentally left an employee to leave on 31st March 2020 and ran payroll, i want to bring them back under the furlongh rules but after deleting payroll it wont let me change their leaver status back to an employee even if I rerun the March month?

Im on Quickbooks Standard Payroll using Quickbooks Online Plus by the look of it




Bring back leaver employee for furlongh?

Hello there, orders10.


It looks like your browser is holding to much cache. It is because when we are using a browser like Chrome, it saves the information from the websites we've visited before.


In this case, we'll need to fix it by clearing the cache. It removes loading and formatting issues, which help to navigate QuickBooks without getting an unexpected behavior.


Here are the things that we can follow:


  1. Click the Reload icon or press CTRL F5 to refresh QuickBooks.
  2. Aside from using the Reload icon, we can use a different browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Afterwards, let's try to the employee's status back from the furlough.
  3. If we are able to do it, we can clear the cache of your original browser. Also, you can use other compatible browsers in QBO


Get back to me anytime if you need anything else. I want to make sure that you're all set. Thanks!

Level 2

Bring back leaver employee for furlongh?

Hasnt made an difference


the option to not make her a leaver is still not available 

QuickBooks Team

Bring back leaver employee for furlongh?

Hi orders10, 


You should see the option to 'Unmark xxx as a leaver' at the bottom of the side-panel which appears after selecting Actions > Edit leaver status on the employee's settings page.


If you do not see this, are you able to access the payroll on a different browser to see if this is causing an issue? 



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