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intuit workforce posting W2s - without permission

Does anyone else have the problem that QUICKBOOKS posts W2s on WORKFORCE - even when you specifically DO NOT check off the box to post them ?   


it seems this happens simply because you use their system to send the W2s to social security !!!


THIS IS A HUGE invasion of privacy and our employees are FUMING ! there is no way for me to take the W2s down and I NEVER AUTHORIZED INTUIT TO POST THIS INFO !


any one have any ideas how to get rid of them off of workforce ? 


intuit workforce posting W2s - without permission

Hi DS,


I know the importance of protecting your employees' information, and I deeply understand how you feel about this.


Workforce has been used by lots of our QuickBooks clients and employees, so Intuit assures you that we put a high level of security to protect their information in the said portal. 


With regards to your other concern, I'd recommend contacting our Workforce Support so they can check why the W-2s became available to your employees even if you unchecked the option to send the forms to them. They can ask for your account information in a more secure environment to check this. You can reach them on weekdays from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT.


If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to go back to this thread.

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intuit workforce posting W2s - without permission

I clicked on your link to talk to Workforce support.  I was told that Quickbooks would never send our employees invitations to Workforce without employer giving permission.  Seems like your right hand does not know what your left hand is doing.   

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intuit workforce posting W2s - without permission

All of my employees appear to have received an invitation as if it was coming from our company, except that we did not initiate it.  It is very upsetting.  Continuously getting more frustrated with Quickbooks as the years go by.

QuickBooks Team

intuit workforce posting W2s - without permission

Hello there, jrcap.


I can see how this unexpected behavior when using QuickBooks Workforce has been a bothersome experience. Let's connect you to the appropriate channel that can handle your issue on time.


We'll need to review your employees' payroll settings to determine who initiated the invitation. However, it requires us to gather personal data to pull up your account.


Since the security of your information always comes first, I recommend contacting our Workforce Support Team. They can conduct further investigation into this matter in a secure space. 

Once the permanent fix is available, our experts will take you through the process of implementing it.


To learn more about the QuickBooks Workforce feature, click here for additional information. It contains instructions on how to enable the service, invite your employees, and upload paychecks and W-2 documents.


The topics mentioned below will help you in dealing with how to view your paystubs, process your employees' payroll, handle taxes, and other payroll-related tasks:



Fill me in if you have other payroll concerns or additional questions about QuickBooks Workforce. I'll get back and help you the best that I can.

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