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ER Pensions Calculations


It’s come to our attention that Employer pension contributions may have been miscalculated in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll.


This may have impacted you if you created a payrun between the 18th of November 2020 at 7pm and the 20th of November.


To identify if you have been affected please open your last payrun and check the ER pension calculation if you see £0 please follow the instructions below to resolve.


  • Unlock the pay run in question.
  • For each employee in the pay run click on their name, go to actions in the right-hand corner, select the arrow and then click recalculate.
  • Once they've recalculated the Employer pension values should be resolved.
  • You can now finalise the pay run.
  • If you have already made pension payments, you will need to make an additional pension payment for the Employer Pension Contributions amount.
  • If you have not made pension payments, you can just pay pension amounts as normal.

If you run into difficulties completing the above please reach out to our Customer Success team via chat. To get help click on the "?" 

Level 1

ER Pensions Calculations

This is still a problem and unlocking the payroll and re-submitting does not solve the problem.  The payroll for January (which has not been submitted) still calculates the Employer Pension contribution incorrectly.

QuickBooks Team

ER Pensions Calculations

Hello TIInnes, Thank you for getting in touch with the Community about the ER pension calculations What is the figure you were expecting, and what is it calculating? Is this on all employees?

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