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Level 3

Hours accrued not correct



I have noticed that the hours accrued balance that shows for our carer seems to be wrong (unless it is by design).


I am not sure but it looks like the total accrued is only being calculated for actual hours PAID, and not for hours worked.  All timesheets are approved but the hours on those are not included in the calculation.


I am wondering if these only get included once the timesheet hours are actually included in a pay run?


I hope not, and I hope I am just missing something as our pay run is monthly, and with our carer working different hours some weeks (typically either 6 or 9 depending on whether it is school holidays), it is very confusing working out what has really accrued.  I thought that it should be accrued by hours WORKED, not by hours PAID?


Hoping someone can assist.


Many thanks




Hours accrued not correct

Hello there, Andrew.


QuickBooks will follow the total number of hours paid. That said, the paycheck will also display the amount for hours paid.


You can check these articles for more information on how Payroll works in QuickBooks:



The QuickBooks Community team is always right here to help you!

Level 4

Hours accrued not correct

Thanks Adrian,


Surely this is wrong though as when people are accruing on an hourly basis that means that they have to actually wait another month before it tells them they can have time off?


I appreciate that this is obviously the way QuickBooks currently works and is designed, but why would it track hours paid and not hours worked when the whole accrual system is based on what hours have been worked?


Yes, I can change the settings so that it doesn't track it, or I can tell it to allow people to appear to go over what they are showing but then doesn't this kind of make the accrual tracking useless?


My carer thinks she can't have a day off yet when actually she can because she has accrued enough hours already worked, she just hasn't been paid yet. And yes I've told her she can and all is fine but this just doesn't make sense to me.


What would be good is if this could at least be an option where you enter the accrual details as a kind of toggle switch setting between "Accrual based on hours worked" and "Accrual based on hours paid" and then at least people have the choice.


Would that be something you could put forward, or is there a feature request area that I could pop over to to add?


Thanks for your speedy reply.



QuickBooks Team

Hours accrued not correct

I'll be sure to let our engineers know about your request, Andrew.


Feedback like this helps us decide which improvements should be made to our platform. We frequently update QuickBooks Online, and this might be included in the future.


You can always visit our blog here: to see the new features.


We appreciate you suggestions. Please let me know you need anything else. Take care. 

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