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QB Advanced payroll advice

We’re about to make our first payroll run using QBO advanced payroll having recently migrated from QBDT.  As it’s the start of the tax year there are not balances to bring forward.


A couple of things I’m struggling with:


1. When the monthly payroll is run the total hours figures look odd, mostly 173.33 hours.  Employees work a 40 hour week so not sure why the hours are shown as 173.33 for the month?  When setting payroll up I couldn’t find anywhere to say we work a 5 day week, only that the standard hours are 40 per week and the working week is Monday to Sunday (Monday to Friday isn’t an option).  I did find an option to average across the year but checking that made no difference.


2.Is there a way to exclude an employee from automatically being included in the monthly payroll?  Under Pay Run I have left the box unchecked that says “create pay run with empty pays” but an employee that hasn’t worked this month so is zero earnings is still included.  I realise I can manually exclude the employee from the pay run once it is created, but wondered if there is a way to prevent the employee being included in monthly pay runs?  I may have misunderstood what the “create pay run with empty pays” option does so could you point me on the right direction to be able to select what employees are included in a pay run?


Thanks for the help,



QuickBooks Team

QB Advanced payroll advice

Hi Phill,


Thank you for your question and for explaining everything in detail. However, it would be best if our Support can take a look at your setup and see the exported data. That way, we can be sure that you're all set before running your first pay run. They can use a screen-sharing tool for this.


 You can reach them using these steps:

  1. Click on Help and choose Contact Us.
  2. In the text box, enter something like you just transferred from desktop and you need help with payroll. Then, click Let's talk.
  3. Choose Message an agent or Get a callback. If you choose to message an agent, you can paste the details of your question in the Chat conversation, so you won't have to retype everything. These options are available during the UK business hours.

You can also check out the QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll Hub for other references.


If you have other questions, you can always go back to this thread.

Level 2

QB Advanced payroll advice

Hi Jess,


Thanks very much for the help.  Payroll data wasn't exported from QBDT to QBO as its the start of the tax year so no opening balances were required.


I'll contact support tomorrow and hopefully they can make sure we have things rihtas don't want to submit the payroll and find its not correct.




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QB Advanced payroll advice



Did you get an answer from Quickbooks for this as I am having the same problem this month?



QuickBooks Team

QB Advanced payroll advice

Hello Nadine8, Welcome to the Community 👋 If you're having same issues as PhillB it is best that you call so that an agent is able to check the setup. To confirm have you also migrated from Desktop to Advanced payroll? Thanks 

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