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Year End 23/24



We're here to answer all your questions relating to Payroll year-end 23/24. Or, if you're new to QuickBooks Online and/or our Payroll offerings we would also love to hear from you.Please post your questions below as we'll be happy to help 



You can find useful guides for Payroll Standard and Advanced 




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Level 1

Year End 23/24

Easy reference to end year and produce next years (4/2024 on wards pay slips


Year End 23/24

HI @01Slowbooks , what is it you'd need help with specifically and we can look to help you?

Concept Multi Car Limited
Level 1

Year End 23/24

We have dealt with the year end to 5 April 2024 and submitted it but now cannot get onto April 2025 to enable to pay our employees.  How do I get rid of the QBs 'no not use' schedule which is still showing July 2023 as not being entered.

QuickBooks Team

Year End 23/24

Thanks for notifying us here on this thread, Concept Multi-Car. 


As per checking, I've seen a similar ongoing investigation (INV-103499) where we've received several clients reporting the same issues. Please know that our product engineers are working on this matter and are implementing measures to enable efficiency when entering and managing the April 2025 payroll tax year.


Since the Community is a public forum, it's best to contact our Customer Care Team to have your detailed account information reviewed and added to the list of affected users. This way, you'll receive updates regarding the investigation status and ensure you'll get back to business accordingly.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. In your QBO account, click the Help icon and select Contact Us.
  2. Enter your concern and click Let's Talk.
  3. Select Start a chat or Get a callback with a support expert.


You can also visit this guide for additional input when managing your payroll schedules: Week 53 in QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Furthermore, you may want to utilize this reference to help your employees conveniently access their payslips whenever needed, as these are automatically published after every payroll run: Invite employees to QuickBooks Workforce to see payslips, P60s, and more.


This thread is always available for any additional queries when managing employee payroll tasks in your account. Feel free to reply to this post, and I'll make sure to get the help you need. Keep safe and have a great day ahead!

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