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Business portion of property expenses

I am considering a subscription to QuickBooks Self Employed, but as I run a micro bakery from home, my question is how to manage expenses that are divided between business and personal use? At the moment I can claim 25% of mortgage and utilities etc against tax, but I can’t find an easy way of doing this split on QuickBooks?
Any advice would be warmly welcome, other than this query that I can’t seem to find answers to online, it looks like a very user-friendly system!
QuickBooks Team

Business portion of property expenses

Thank you for considering QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) for your business, Baked-in-cley.


I'm glad to know that you like the looks of the software. Yes, we get feedback that it's simple and easy to use.


We're unable to split QBSE to cater to two businesses, you will need to sign up another one for the other company. However, you want to use a different email address when doing that because we can only have one QBSE account per email.


You can visit the main support page and click More topics to see the references for QBSE.


I'm just around if you need further assistance. Take care!

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Business portion of property expenses

Hello Jess,

Thank you for your reply but my question was about allocating a portion of my mortgage and utility bills for business use, as I can claim a percentage of these bills against tax. The remainder of the bills is for personal use, not for another business, as I work from home.
I hope that makes sense and would very much appreciate any light you may be able to shed on this.

Business portion of property expenses

Thank you for getting back to us and providing us with more details of the concern that you’re having in handling your expenses, @Baked-in-cley.


I recommend that you consult with an accountant to help you choose the right SA103F categories when claiming allowable expenses for your mortgage and utilities. They are the ones who can advise you on which one is best suited to your transactions.


You can refer to the following article for more information about the SA103F deduction categories you can claim as allowable expenses in QBSE: About SA103F Categories


See these articles for more information about adding your income and expense transactions in QBSE: 



Also, check the following articles to help you get started with QBSE: Help articles.


Please let me know in the Reply area below if you have any further questions on managing your expenses or anything else. I'm always willing to assist. Have a nice day and be safe!

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