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Can I change my business from UK to usa on QB ?

I am closing my UK business and ahve moved it to USA in June 2023
QuickBooks Team

Can I change my business from UK to usa on QB ?

Hello there, Rina. 


I appreciate your for posting your concern. Let me share some insights on how you can migrate your QuickBooks Online (QBO) data from one region to another.


We are unable to change the region of your QBO account. The region or country setting is typically fixed and cannot be changed once the company file is created. While there isn't a way to automatically transfer your QBO data to another region, you may need to do it manually. Each version is tailored to fit your state or country's laws and regulations. 


To have the best edition for your business type in the US region, follow the steps below to choose the QuickBooks Plan that works best for your business:


  1. Go to the link to choose a plan: QuickBooks pricing page.
  2. Scroll down and enter to select the correct region for you.
  3. Follow the prompt to complete the process.


You can manually transfer your data after signing up for the new account. Let's start by exporting your QuickBooks data from the UK region. Please check out these articles for your guidelines:



After that, you can visit this article to learn how we can import the data saved from your computer to your new QBO US region: Common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online. This article is compiled with commonly asked questions and a step-by-step guide on importing your data from Excel into QuickBooks.


That should get your work done, Rina. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further help migrating your business. I'd be more than happy to work with you again. Have a great day ahead!

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Can I change my business from UK to usa on QB ?


You can purchase a 3rd party conversion service.

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