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Incorrect Client Name on Email

I am testing QBO Plus on live and also on Test QBO Plus and QBO Advanced versions and have noted the following anomaly.


When emailing an invoice QBO incorrectly addresses the client on email body as "Dear [Display Name]" while on the invoice form it is clearly set at "Dear [Full Name]".


For example if I have a client "ABC Company Ltd" and under Display name I have it as "ABC Co. Ltd-Ground Floor", QBO will address the client in the Email when sending the invoice as "ABC Co. Ltd-Ground Floor".


This is very silly and does not go well especially for clients with tenants in Real Estate.


QuickBooks Team

Incorrect Client Name on Email

Hello there, HAM9,


I can clear things out for you. QuickBooks Online (QBO) uses the name you've selected under Display name as field when you create an invoice. And, the same information when you send the transaction to your customer.


I've tried this using our QBO Test company and this is the set up entered on file. The transactions is also sent to my email. See the attached screenshots below for your visual guide.
displayname.PNG displayname1.PNG


You'll want to select a name from the recommended list under the Display name as drop-down. You can also create a new one to show the customer name on your sales forms.


Check out the Add Customers page for a video tutorial and detailed steps on how to enter a new customer information.


Stay in touch by commenting below. I'm always right here to help.

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Incorrect Client Name on Email

@MaryLandT You don't understand completely. When client is setup under Company Name it is ABC Company Ltd. Under Display Name it would be ABC Company Ltd-Ground Floor. That's it. Display name is for our internal purposes. Invoice name will show to correct name. However the email body uses Display Name and the is not what is intended. Even invoice template has been set at Dear Full Name, NOT Dear Display Name!


Above does not go well for mass billing customers setup.

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Incorrect Client Name on Email

see screenshot below to illustrate the point. It is picking name correctly on invoice but name on email body is wrong. 


Incorrect Client Name on Email

I've got the right steps for you, HAM9.


I appreciate the screenshot you've provided. You'll want to check the settings for the default email message sent with sales forms. Here's how:

  1. Click on the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and settings.
  3. Click Sales on the left pane.
  4. Scroll down to Messages, and click the pencil icon.
  5. On the Use greeting, select Dear [Full Name].
  6. Click Save, then Done to save changes.



Here's an article for more information: How to set up or change customer messages.


I'll be right here if you need further assistance.

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Incorrect Client Name on Email

@MaryLurleenM In response to your post please read and read before replying. Yes on the Invoice Template it is indeed Dear [Full Name]. Despite this it is still doing what I mentioned.


Read Read properly before responding!


Let ma have a FIX ASAP.


Incorrect Client Name on Email

Thanks for getting back to us, @HAM9.


To display the correct client name when sending an invoice, all you need to do is enter their name on the FirstMiddle, and Last name fields on the Customer Information section. This way, the system will use this info on the email instead of the Display name.


Here are the before and after screenshots from my test account:




Just in case, I'll add these articles for future reference:



Please let me know how it goes or if you have any other issues, and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. I'm more than happy to help. Take care and enjoy the rest of the day!

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Incorrect Client Name on Email

@FritzF I see. I shall read your post in detail but what you are suggesting seems like a workaround and by so doing you acknowledge that the system has a bug. It is absurd to have an entity name filled by the user in fields designed for Individuals (i.e. Mr/First/Middle/Last....) 

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