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Predictive Entry



I am having the same problem we had the other month where when you say raise an invoice normally when you start typing the customer it brings the correct one up without typing the whole thing and you can just tab across. Also when I put a product/service code it it normally predicts what I am putting in and i can just tab across. It seems to have gone back to me having to type in the whole customer name and the whole product code and then clicking on drop down options and then clicking to next cell. It is taking me ages to raise invoices as I can have 20 lines on an invoice and raise 10 invoices a day. Why is this not working again? Thank you



Predictive Entry

Hello Carol, Thanks for reaching out about invoices and tabbing in QuickBooks. In order to look into this further we need to check a few things. What device are you accessing QuickBooks in, do you have it set to clear cache automatically in the browser settings and do you have prefill with previously entered content enabled in QuickBooks settings? Thanks

Level 3

Predictive Entry

Hi. I am using a desktop pc with windows. I haven’t changed any of the settings and it worked fine before. There was this same issue that loads of us were having a couple of months ago and it seemed after we all said we had the issue it was corrected. It was working fine yesterday. 

QuickBooks Team

Predictive Entry

Hello there! Having you always post your concerns in our Community forum is greatly appreciated. I'd be pleased to give you some steps to isolate your issue with recording your invoices.


A user may experience unexpected behavior, such as runtime errors, in which case we can usually fix the issue using basic browser troubleshooting. 


Let's first sign in to your QBO in a private window. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + P


Once you're in, reopen your QuickBooks Online account. Then, rerecord the invoice. If it's resolved, return to your regular browser and clear the cache to start afresh. If the same problem pertains, we can try another supported browser. The one you're using now may have a temporary problem with QuickBooks Online.


Visit this article for your reference in managing your transactions in your QuickBooks Online account moving forward: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have additional questions with any QuickBooks-related concerns. I'm here ready to help you. Keep safe

Level 8

Predictive Entry

Hi @CarolB 


I think this is the same bug that was introduced then fixed about six weeks ago.


I don't have the Predictive Entry problem - that works but I have to double click on the Category field (single click on Name field).


With a bit of luck, this will be repaired quickly (Intuit devs must know what the problem was since they've created it!).

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