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Level 2

Quickbooks desktop has expired

WE have used QB desktop since 1996 and after re booting PC had a message saying:


'Quickbooks Desktop has reached the expiration date and will no longer open company files'


Whilst I know they have taken payroll away from desktop, we have a separate online subscription to do that now, has desktop been killed off as well.


I recall some months ago being told to pay a monthly subscription for our desktop version rather than annually and having that confirmed, but other than that nothing has changed.


Support today, Friday 2 April, are on holliday! and ideas?

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks desktop has expired

I can help you open your QuickBooks Desktop company file, Gilbey.


Let's ensure that you have an active subscription since QuickBooks Desktop won't open if it's expired. To verify it, we'll need to securely check your account through our Phone Support Team. They have the tools to walk you through and manage your company file.


You might also want to try installing the latest, free updates for your version of QuickBooks Desktop, which often fixes subscription errors. It also makes sure you have the latest features and fixes. Feel free to use this link for more detail about fixing subscription has lapsed error in QuickBooks Desktop.


Keep me posted on how this works. I'll be around the corner to help and sort things out with you. Take care and have a great day!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Quickbooks desktop has expired


You may have some options to consider:

1. If you are running your QBD on Win 8.1/10, try reinstall it on compatibility mode Win XP/7.

2. Upgrade to QBD UK 2021 or QBO UK version

3. If your company is not located in the UK, convert your data to QBD US version. You may purchase a time time license of it. 

Level 2

Quickbooks desktop has expired

Thank you for your advice.


Worked through but has now transpired problem was due to Intuit messing up our licence when transferring to monthly billing from annual.

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