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Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App

We use quickbooks online on our Macs and PCs , and also use the mobile app.

Are these actually two seperate things as I have found the following and the help line seems very unclear.

1. The PC/Mac online Quickbooks shows sales, but the Phone App does not.
2. The expenses section on the PC/Mac does not show wages in it, but the expenses section on the Phone APP shows everything including directors remunerations, wages, cost of sale, all split down
3. On the PC/Mac the sales figure on the dashboard for a month does not match the profit and loss on the dashboard for the same month.

Any pointers would be great.  Thank you

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Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App


Phones may be 10 - 100 times more powerful than desktop computers from 30 years ago but the android or iOS operating systems as well as the browsers themselves are far lighter in scope and capability than what your computers possess. It is akin to using your phone to shop and know that what you are viewing from Harrods is a lite version of their website.

QuickBooks Team

Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App

Hello Snowbility


The  mac/ pc and the app do differ.The app has less functionality.To answer the points you brought up;


1.The app is mainly used for adding in transactions like expenses and sending invoices. To get reports of income and expenses it is best to use the mac/pc


2.The expenses section on the pc should show all expenses that have been created as an expense or bill.The transactions that do not show on the pc could you PM us a screenshot with an example so we could have a look at the transaction


3.Regarding the dashboard  and sales figure it is best to go to reports and run a profit and loss and take the income sales figure from there.


The sales section of the dashboard does not include any sales income which has been added as a bank deposit but will show any added as a sales receipt or invoice.

The profit and loss however will include all transaction types.


Any other questions at all let us know







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Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App

Hi Emma


The question I have at the moment is why does the expenses section on the dashboard on the PC/Mac show different information to the expenses section on the dashboard on the mobile APP.  As you can see there is nearly £8000 difference in the same data section - Expenses !!!  Can this really be what businesses want to see.


The expenses section on the PC/MAC just shows Snow Centre, Directors remunerations of £3000 (which is different o the app??), IT licences and fees, nd Everything else.  The app is attached.


On the sales figures , why would they show on the dashboard for the PC/Mac and not on the APP.  The sales figures and profit and loss invoice figures are different.


I generally would say that if the dashboard on the PC/Mac shows different data to the dashboard on the APP, it should then be called something different.  Business owners dont have time to have to figure this out , they just want simple accurate data that they can use to make critical business decisions.  With so many businesses reliant on you , Quickbooks really should have sorted this out by now.


I hope this can be passed over to some key decision makers to get these simple things sorted, as after over 6 hours talking to the help lines this week, I am loosing my confidence in this system.






Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App

Hello again, Snowbility,


I appreciate your time bringing this situation in the Community. 


QuickBooks Online’s mobile app lacks some features found in the browser-based version, but it provides mobile access to tools you may want on the road.


Upon accessing your QuickBooks Online account via mobile app, it is actually is far from a replacement for the browser-based version. It has numerous limitations.


We're working on releasing new features. For product updates, you can check out our blog post.


To know more about how QuickBooks Online mobile app works, you can check out these articles:

As always, I'm just a few clicks away if you need anything else concerning your QuickBooks Online account. Have a great day!

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Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App



Will Emma be replying to my email, whcih alkso had an attatchment.





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Dashboard on Mac and on Phone App

we can open QuickBooks Online in PC/Mac computer and Mobile phone, but mobile pone has limitation when it comes to features. just saying!

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