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Posting to online accounts for payroll run in Desktop

HI there,


I am running desktop and having to move online because Payroll is to stop being supported on Desktop from 6th April 2020.


I need to run end of year payroll on Desktop as I know this will be correct, how do I post the necessary entries to Online accounts for the next two payrolls from desktop?


Is there an automated way or should I post manual journals for each employee, to post between Bank and Payroll expenses?


Any guidance gratefully received.





QuickBooks Team

Posting to online accounts for payroll run in Desktop

Hello there, @RoscoPC.


You'll want to manually enter journals for each employee in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. Once done, you can create the next payroll of your employees in your QBO.


Also, I suggest getting in touch with your accountant for guidance in recording this. This way, we ensure the accuracy of your account.


You can aslo check this great article tp learn what data doesn't convert to QBO: What to expect when you switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


As always, you can check our Employees and Payroll page in case you want to learn some tips on managing your payroll.


Do get back to us whenever you need help. We're always around to assist you. Take care!

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Posting to online accounts for payroll run in Desktop

As another option, you may prepare the data in Excel to import into your QBO by using a 3rd party tool

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The template of JE should be like this

10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings-50.00Credit Savings   
10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Checking50.00Debit Checking   
10201/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings200.00Debit Savings   


Hope it helps.

Level 4

Posting to online accounts for payroll run in Desktop

Hi there,


that makes sense and I think I can upload them using an .csv created in excel.

Thanks, that makes sense.



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