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Jon Andrews
Level 2

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I’m trying to use use QB mobile app on iPhone to view supplier invoices / activity. When I select suppliers and then a supplier that I know has some activity no activity is displayed. I can however see the supplier details. It looks like it refreshes but no supplier activity data is displayed. I reported this to QB a few months ago. Their response was that this is an urgent issue but it still remains a problem. 


Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I appreciate your time bringing this situation in the Community, Jon Andrews,


Upon accessing your account via mobile app, the Supplier transactions that will show are only those Expense transaction.


I have checked this issue here in our system and I’ve found out that our engineers have determined that this works as designed.


We're working on releasing new features. For product updates, you can check out our blog post.


As always, I'm just a few clicks away if you need anything else concerning your QuickBooks Online account. Have a great day!

Jon Andrews
Level 2

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I am shocked to hear that I can not see my supplier activity from the mobile app.  I have many supplier credit accounts.  Bills are entered onto the supplier account and when they become due I pay them.  Using the mobile app is a quick way of seeing what I owe.   As the tab in the app suggests - "activity" and not "expenses only".   Your engineers may say that this is working as expected but I would disagree based on the wording in the app and the fact that Quick Books on line manages Bills and credit accounts.


I am very disappointed in this response - this is basic functionality a user would expect - tracking credit accounts on a mobile app.


Quick Books are misleading it's customers into thinking we can see a supplier activity when in actual fact it is supplier expenses.


VERY DISAPPOINTED with Quikbooks mobile app


When will this be changed?





QuickBooks Team

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Hello Jon Andrews,


We don't have an exact time line as to when will this be changed. I will pass this feature to our engineers so they can work on updating the Mobile App as soon as possible.


In the meantime, you can access your account via web browsers to see the supplier's activity.


Let us know if there's anything else you need. 

Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I completely agree!  This makes the app relatively worthless in my opinon.

However, you can log into QBO from a browser on your mobile device.

Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Exactly and they are marketing fake advertisement on tv saying manage your finance etc etc


I have been banging my head aince 2 days they should atleast put some notification that this is not workimg


Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Hi MirriamM,


I was finding the same issue with using the QBO mobile app and just saw this forum today. Since this was over a year ago, is there any update on when we can expect Vendor Invoices to appear in the mobile application?


Considering many folks are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this really should be a high-priority feature for Intuit. I know that I have two monitors at my office, but at home, I am limited to a laptop and mobile device. Therefore, there really needs to be more connectivity and fluidity, so I can at least continue my work under some form of "normalcy" given the current circumstances.


Thanks for your help and feedback!


Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Good day, HughCounsell,


It would be great to have this feature added on the mobile app for QuickBooks Online. It'll be more convenient for home-based works.


You can check out the QuickBooks Blog to see feature updates and what's new in QBO:


Here's a comparison to see what mobile app features does your device has: Compare mobile app features.


I'll be around if you have other questions. Your feedback means a lot to us. 

Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app



ive complained about this today. Did you ever get anywhere with it ?   Seems crazy we can’t see the thing we need the most !! Surely should be a simple fix and one loads of people complain about ??

QuickBooks Team

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Hi, @imsmidlands-outl.


I can see the importance of reviewing the supplier's activity on the mobile app. The option is not yet available as of the moment. However, our engineers are working constantly to enhance the product and deliver the best experiences for all QuickBooks users.


For the time being, I would recommend checking all your supplier's entry by signing in to QuickBooks using a web-browser.


Moreover, I recommend visiting our vlog to stay current with the latest QuickBooks news and feature updates. Here's the link: The QuickBooks Blog.


You can also review the topics from our help articles for more tips and resources while working with QuickBooks in the future. 


Please let me know how else I can help you with handling your transactions using the mobile app. I'm always here to help. Have a good one!

Level 3

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I've noticed that this absent 'Supplier Activity' in mobile apps has been ongoing since 2019. 


I think that is completely unacceptable as it's such an integral part of any business. The main reason I signed up to QBO was to be able to have an overview of my company 'on the go' as the nature of my work means I cannot be at a desk all the time. 


I'm going to have to look at other programs like Sage etc because this is a deal breaker. Luckily I'm in my trial mode as I would have been livid discovering this once I woud have paid. This is purely because the marketing seems to indicate full cross-platform/device integration. 


In fact, they couldn't be more sneaky in their 'compare mobile app' section as shown in the link below. 'Create & Manage Suppliers,' well yes how is that even a feature is it? What can you do with it after that? Nada. So disapointing.


As someone said logging in from a browser is possible. I'll need to investigate that and see if it's manageble. But more than 2 years for 'engineers' to look at this is ridiculous. 


Vent Entered

Save and Close

Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app



has this been sorted yet, it was brought up in 2019 and we are now in 2022 and I still can’t access my suppliers invoices.

QuickBooks Team

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Allow me to share a few details about vendor attachments and guide you on what to do, CEAdECostRat.


Normally, accessing suppliers invoice using mobile application isn't possible. You'll want to use web browser so you can different kinds of suppliers report. You can check out our customer feedback page to see if a request has already been submitted. If not, you can send feedback to let our product team know how this feature is useful for your business.


Furthermore, QuickBooks Online (QBO) has different kinds of reports that will show different aspects of your business. Make sure to customize them so you'll get the information you need. Learn from this article for more information: Customise Reports In QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if you have any concerns about vendor attachment. I'll always be right here if you need help.

Jon Andrews
Level 2

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Thanks for the feedback but it is not helpful.  Everyone knows access to supplier activity can be done via the web.  Have you tried using the web version on a phone.  Its very difficult and frustrating.


Can you tell us if this request is on the QB list of issues?




QuickBooks Team

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Hi Jon, this is a limitation of the app but is not currently reported as a bug/issue, we do recommend customers to use the feedback function within the account as changes are implemented by our product development team based on customer-demand amongst other variables. :folded_hands:

Level 1

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I am shocked to read and see that this serious issue in 2023 has still not been resolved!!

I am trying to use my QB mobile app to check a previous invoice value from a client, only enter 2 months ago and I am unable to see any past / historical payments or bill copies for this supplier.

The replay to a previous reference to this problem was in 2019, when assurance was given that the problem of only being able to see expenses made would be attended to.


Am I to understand correctly that this problem is not being taken seriously because now in 2023 

This not acceptable, should I start to look for another accounts program?


Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

I understand the challenge this is for you, Bunnyblue69.


I know having the option to track suppliers' activities using our QuickBooks Online mobile app is beneficial for your business. Currently, you can use the app to perform the following tasks:


  • create, view, and email estimates, invoices, and sales receipts
  • access customer and supplier information
  • convert estimates to invoices
  • receive payments
  • record expenses


For the time being, the mobile app does not support tracking past/historical payments or bills for suppliers. You can view their transactions by logging into your account through a computer or mobile browser. This is what you can do to check their data.


For your reference, visit this link to see the list of features supported on each device: Compare mobile app features.


You can also refer back to our help articles for additional suggestions and resources when dealing with QuickBooks in the future: Help articles page.


If you need anything else in QuickBooks, don't hesitate to post again. We're available to help at any time.

Level 2

Supplier activity absent in QuickBooks mobile app

Another year on and this is still an issue . Does QuickBooks have any plans to introduce supplier invoices to the app ? 
I’ve been researching other platforms and it is offered on most now . 
I also agree this makes the app unusable.

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