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Project Reporting

Hi, we have the projects module which we use. Is there a way of running a report on the projects to:


1. Obtain a list of projects that were in project at a particular date (ie year end)?


2. Once obtained that list, is there a way of pulling in the costs incurred on the project at that date?


Thank you


Project Reporting

Hi David,


Welcome, and thank you for posting your question about the report you need. I understand you want a list of projects in a certain period and their accumulated cost. I'll help you out.


We can achieve this by customizing the Project Profitability Summary report. It already shows the running cost of each project on a given date, and therefore we only need to filter the ones that are In Progress


  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Search for Project Profitability Summary and click it from the suggestion.
  3. Click Customise.
  4. Change the Report period.
  5. Expand the Filter section.
  6. In the Project Status filter, select In Progress.
  7. Click Run report.



Since this is a profit report, you’ll want to export the data to Excel to remove the other columns that you don’t need.


Please don’t hesitate to comment here if you need further assistance. We’ll be more than happy to continue helping you.

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Project Reporting

Thank you so much 


Project Reporting

Hello David,


I'm glad to know my colleague was able to help you with your concern about the project report. Please know that we're always available in this public space anytime you need assistance with QuickBooks Desktop.


You can click the Reply button below and we'll be sure to help out. Take care.

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Project Reporting

Hi all,

Thanks for the solution above. Is there a way to run the same project report but grouped by Product/Service instead of account? 


Thank you,


QuickBooks Team

Project Reporting

Hello, JonnyMc. 


Yes, in QuickBooks Online, you can generate a project report that is grouped by Product/Service. You'll just have to go to the Projects section and run a report from there. Here's how:


  1. Click the Projects and select the project
  2. Tap the Project Reports and choose Project Profitability.
  3. Under Display columns by drop-down and select Projects/Services.
  4. Hit Run report.




To learn more about managing the basic reports in QuickBooks Online, feel free to read the details from this article: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


If you wish to memorise a report for future use, you can also follow the steps from this link as your guide: Memorise reports in QuickBooks Online.


Get back to me if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. Have a great day!

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