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Missing Running Balance in AR Account History detail

Hi,  struggling a bit with the view open balance in AR Account History (viewed from Chart of Accounts List)

Ending Balance at top shows correct amount but shows 0.00 in the Open Balance Column (per attached example)

It's the same on all the AR accounts.  I tried journalling in zero opening balance but made no difference. Have running balances on other accounts so is there a setting to select so that QB totals the entries or is this not the way AR accounts in QB work?

with thanks

QuickBooks Team

Missing Running Balance in AR Account History detail

Hello Dating factory, Are they multicurrency accounts or in the home currency as we can see the account is in euros in the screenshot. also, what is the date on the journal as we can not quite make it out on the screenshot? They all should show as no debtors balance? when you run the balance sheet are the ar totals correct?

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Missing Running Balance in AR Account History detail


we have mult-currency GBP/USD/EUR AR accounts and Home Currency is Euros  - same issue on all AR accounts

Journal 1674 dated 01/01/2020  0.00
Journal 658 dated 03/06/2020 3,500.00

AR total agrees to Balance Sheet

Issue is Ending Balance (per top right):  €3,500    : correct

But, shouldn't this also show as a running total in the "Open Balance" column?


03/06/2020  JV 658 Payment €3,500   / Open Balance €0.00

would have thought it should show:

03/06/2020 JV 658 Payment €3,500 / Open Balance €3,500  







Missing Running Balance in AR Account History detail

Hello again, datingfactory. Thanks for getting back and providing additional information about your concern. 


When opening the A/R Account History, the open balance is per transaction in which if it's a payment, it'll show as zero. If it's a charge with no payment, the balance of the said transaction will show on the open balance. Thus, the OPEN BALANCE column is the balance per transaction only and will carry over, while the exact balance will show on the ENDING BALANCE at the top.


To know more about your company's accounts and their balances, see this article: Learn about the chart of accounts in QuickBooks.


Please know that I'm just a reply away if you need any further assistance about QuickBooks. I'm always around if you need any help.

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