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Level 2


Hello in order to see running balance i created a customize report using balance sheet report.

Now the problem is I can't see entries which i create through using journals for that customer.

But when I open customer balance detail I see that there but it has no running balance option so i am using balance sheet customize report. 

Please help me how can i see journal entries as well.





Hi Muz123!


You'll want to check if the date of your journal entry is within the date range of your Balance Sheet report. Also, your JE will only show up on that report if it uses an asset, a liability, or an equity account.


Can you give us more details about your journal entry and your customized report, so that we can replicate on our test accounts? Also, please share a few details about your goal regarding the opening balance. We'll see if there is another way to achieve this aside from customizing the Balance Sheet. A screenshot will also help a lot.


Thanks in advance for any additional information.

Level 2


I am selecting All dates for this report. The entry is about the advance payment receive which I recorded using Journals.

Includes Bank and Debtor.

About running balance I want to see running balance from scratch other report shows where the invoice balance is due but I want to the whole like:

1000        1000

-1000         0

The problem is I can't see this report in my Balance sheet customize report for customers 





I appreciate the additional details you've provied, Muz123.


The Balance Sheet report in QuickBooks Online (QBO) doesn't have the ability to show the details for your debit and credit since the Trial Balance report is designed to do that. 


Here's an article about customizing financial reports like Balance Sheet: Customise company and financial reports.


It's always our aim to make sure we meet our customer's needs and to have the best experience possible while working with QuickBooks. That said, allow me to share this idea with our developers so they may consider adding this option to our future product updates.


In case you need to make adjusting journal entries, you might find this article helpful: Enter adjusting journal entries in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


If there's anything I can help you with, feel free to drop me a reply below. Hope you have a good one.

Level 2



Please read my query again.

I am saying i want to see my journal entry transaction as I can see other transactions.

QuickBooks Team


Hello Muz123, 


So we can look at this in more detail for you and provide the best possible option could you send us a screenshot of the customised report you are wanting to show the journal entries in. 



Level 3


I think you're looking for a working trial balance report, which is not a feature in QBO.

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