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How do I retrieve my VAT return? It has disappeared when trying to submit it.

QuickBooks Team

You can see all submitted and not submitted VAT returns o...

You can see all submitted and not submitted returns on the VAT page, info. You can retrieve them by going there.


Here's how:

  1. Click Taxes.
  2. Go to the VAT tab. 

If it's already submitted, it's under Paid returns. It's under Open returns if you're still unable to send it.


Although, if you're unable to see them on the VAT page, this could be a web cache issue. To start with isolating it, open QuickBooks Online using an incognito window. From there, check your VAT return. If you're able to see them, go back to your main browser, then clear the cache. We advise our users to clear them out every now and then. This is to prevent our program to behave differently.


On the other hand, using a different browser fixes issues like this (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox).


You can keep us updated after trying these steps. We'll check your post from time to time.