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VAT in Qb desktop



I am not able to file VAT as cash basis in QB desktop pro 2020. When I click 'File VAT Return' it defaults back to accrual basis.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Please??????

QuickBooks Team

VAT in Qb desktop

I'll explain why you cannot file VAT on a cash basis in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020, pacashman.


The QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 for the UK has been discontinued. This means there will be no future updates, patches, or new versions of QuickBooks Desktop after June 30, 2023. However, if you're an existing user, you can still use the software for recording purposes.


Since QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 for the UK has been discontinued, you cannot file VAT returns directly through the software. If you wish to continue submitting VAT, we must follow HMRC guidelines. In that case, you will need to either transition to QuickBooks Online before the specified date or explore alternative solutions that comply with the MTD requirements.


For detailed information about our policy regarding service discontinuation, please refer to the following article: QuickBooks Desktop discontinuation support. This resource contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions related to this policy.


While QBDT Pro 2020 has been discontinued, you might consider exploring QuickBooks Online UK as an alternative. You can utilise a free trial subscription to help you decide which option suits your requirements. If interested, please visit the link for the exclusive Desktop Migrator offer.


Furthermore, you can utilise this resource to acquire further information about the key functionalities of QuickBooks Online and access other instructional articles: Get started on your journey with QuickBooks Online.


If you need assistance with any other QuickBooks-related matters, feel free to provide the details below, and I'll help you. You have a good one.

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VAT in Qb desktop

Thank you for your prompt reply.

However, we are not located in the UK. We are a South African company, and so I file the VAT via the SARS eFilling website, but still need to keep track of it somehow (which is why I purchased QB). So QB is not making any allowances for companies in other countries, although you are happy to sell to us? I would very much like to know Intuit's policy on this, as it was marketed in South Africa for local businesses. We were not informed that after discontinuation some features would not be available.


Please note that I have tried QB online (for several years), and it was such a dismal failure (full of major bugs and no support but an unhelpful chatbot) that I was forced back to the desktop version.

Kind regards

QuickBooks Team

VAT in Qb desktop

I recognize the need to record VAT payments to keep track of them in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), pacashman. Let me clarify this matter in connection with the product you're utilizing.


Please know that QBDT is currently unavailable for South Africa. However, the 2020 version of QBDT was already discontinued regardless of which country it came from.


You can scan this article for more information about the discontinuation if you happened to purchase the US version of QBDT: QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy.


On the other hand, although you've already used QuickBooks Online (QBO) in the past, I'll recommend it as an alternative so you can keep track of your VAT payments accordingly. Since you have a different QBDT version, you can utilize a third-party application to help convert your data to QBO and continue using your existing company file.


Moreover, you can scan these materials for guidance on setting up your VAT and for the filing process within QBO:



Consider revisiting the Community space if you have other queries upon tracking your VAT payments in QuickBooks Desktop. We're here to offer further assistance.

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VAT in Qb desktop


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